Just tear it all out? Crappy tile job.

EngineerChicJune 7, 2012

Our GC has been great and has a great crew of conscientious, careful, competent plumbers, electricians, plasterers, flooring, etc.

And a complete F-ing bozo doing tile.

There are 2 baths, one with a shower and one with a tub. The tile bozo left big blobs of thinset showing in the grout lines, grouted the space between the tub-tile and shower base-tile, and installed some chipped tiles. He was made to come back and fix the thinset blobs and use caulk in the tub-tule and shower-tile joints.

95% of the thinset blobs were fixed and he used SANDED caulk (in off white) instead of white silicone caulk. Also, the grout lines are really uneven.

The tile we used was 4.25" in the tub and 3x6" subway in the shower. Both white. Both with the integrated spacer nubs (Daltile brand). Most of the tile spacing is correct, but the grout joints weren't tooled or wiped down to be the same width. So, along a single tile-to-tile joint the grout width varies quite a lot. From 1/16" to almost 1/4".

It is worst in the tub. I am tempted to tell the GC to just tear it all out, put up new cement backer board, and I will do it. I've done tile before and I'm slow, but I'm a lot better than this bozo.

BTW - the GC agrees the work is sub-par and will be looking for a new tile guy. And all the other work has been great.

If I do this, I'm not willing to pay for any labor on the tile work. I'll eat the cost of the tile (as penance for not doing it myself to begin with, I guess) but the contract has an allowance for tile + installation. Is it reasonable to say, "show me the invoice for the tile, and that is what I'll pay instead of the tile+install allowance."?

I don't want to give this idiot a 3rd chance to screw up the work, I have no faith in anyone who doesn't know to use caulk at the tub-tile seam and then, after being told what to use (silicone caulk) uses something completely wrong. That sanded grout texture is just begging for mold, mildew, etc to grow on it.

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Fori is not pleased

I don't think you ought to eat the cost for the tile that has to be removed. Ought you? Don't get soft. This isn't your mistake!

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I'm sorry, but I'd have your GC eat the cost of the craptastic job his subbed out to this tile guy. You gave him a chance to fix it; it didn't get fixed. End of story. He pays for the redo, and if it makes you sleep better at night you find the contractor to do the replacement tile. But in no way would I be reaching my hand into my pocket!

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Have to agree - you should be paying exactly zip, zero, nada for the crappy job. If it's that bad they should rip it out, redo the backer-board, buy you new tile, and hire another installer. But, if you want to do it yourself, I can understand. So, what will you be charging the GC per hour for the install? :)

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Arg! How stressful for you!!!
Seeing as how your contractor agrees that the work is not acceptable, I cannot imagine he would expect you to pay twice for a job that should have been done once!

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You paid for the job to be dine right. That doesn't mean you pay double if it has to be done twice to GET it right. THis is completely on the GC, being it's his tile guy.

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