36 inch cooktop over 30 inch wall oven

olivertwistkitchenJune 18, 2012

I have a small kitchen and I am short. I love having a range and definitely want my oven under my cooktop.

but I really could use a little more space on my cooktop, so I'm thinking about a 36 inch cooktop but a 30 inch oven underneath. I do want electric for both.

Can I do this?

Also, if I put a 36 inch thing over a 30 inch thing, doesn't that mean I have 3 inches of dead space on either side?

If I do a wall oven rather than a range, does that mean I lose the "drawer" under the oven where I put baking pans and stuff? Does anything go underneath the wall oven when it's installed in this way?


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1. Yes, you can put a 36" over a 30" wall oven. Your issue will be what kind of cabinet to use. You could use a 36" cabinet with dead space on either side, or a 30" cabinet knotched out at the top to hold the cooktop. Then you would need to narrow the drawers (not the fronts) to fit around the cooktop. Custom work.

2. I think you'll loose the drawer. The wall oven would go into a base cabinet. Most wall ovens I've seen are taller than a 'range' oven when the controls are taken into account. There won't be much space left to put in a drawer of any size. You'll need to do some careful measuring.

The only oven I can think of where the controls don't sit on top is the GE Single/Double. It is two smaller ovens in the space of a typical single. The controls are on the upper oven door. The box is basically a cube.

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Fori is not pleased

In a small kitchen, I think the oven should go elsewhere. It can still be under the counter, but waste 6"? Never!!! :)

Any reason you want it there?

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Funny, I entered this process wanting a range (what I have now), and then thought I wanted a separate cooktop over an oven, and now you may be changing me back to a range again.

I'm very short, and it's just too hard to reach into a wall oven on the wall. And I'd rather have all my cooking appliances in one place, especially for the occassional dish that goes directly from stove to oven.

I want to be able to have 2 12" skillets side by side on the front burners (electric) AND a big stockpot in the back at the same time. (I prefer to cook on the front burners, and many stoves/cooktops have the larger burners in the back, so this is a huge point for me). On my current range I can't really fit all 3 very well, so I was looking for a cooktop where I could do that. They don't make 36" electric ranges, so I thought a 36" cooktop would be my solution.

But you are right about the other things I hadn't really thought of. Very low oven, and losing the drawer. I guess I will have to bring all my pots and pans to the store and see if there's a 30inch range I could live with. Maybe one that is deeper?


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So I had decided for a variety of reasons to not do this. Well now the KD has me expanding into the den so I will have more space to allow for this and also more space to give me back the lost drawer space under a range. However I would still be left with an oven that is so low it would practically open up onto the floor.

When I visited the showroom last week, they have a Bosch oven under a cooktop and it seemed to be the perfect height and the oven handle DID NOT hit the floor.

So now I am confused because every other setup I have seen showed the oven door practically on the floor. So why was this set up different? Was it because it was a Bosch? I asked KD if the countertop was extra high and she said no.

Any thoughts on how to do an oven under a cooktop and make it not seem too low? Or other thoughts about oven under a cooktop? Thanks

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Interesting - I have a Bosch 27" under a 36" Bertazzoni cooktop, and the door is nowhere near the floor.
4" plinth - the oven itself sits directly on the plinth, with the cabinetry surround framing it. We raised the counters one inch, to allow the clearance required, which is actually perfect for me.

Might be worth looking at the installation diagrams on the Bosch website (or any other manufacturer you're considering) to see what the clearances are. Then, maybe mock up the oven door with cardboard, to see where it would come to when open.

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Olivertwist~Did you make a decision? I was thinking about this setup too and short as well.

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Yes, I am going to do this. GE profile over GE profile. KD said she'll make me a toe-kick drawer underneath.

Am hoping the oven won't seem TOO close to the ground.

Really looking forward to it.
Demo starts in June.

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That sounds great! I'm looking forward to hearing about how great it is. Thank you for the update.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I saw a kitchen aid range with two ovens and a choice of electric, induction or gas top. Wow!! I'm tall, and DH reminded me of all the bending over...... Might be nice for you though!


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How your final result turned? I have a 30 inch cooktop and a 30 inch microwave above and thinking to replace by a 30 inch cooktop and keep the 30 inch microwave but I'm really afraid it will turn awkward.


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Turned out great! You can buy "filler" pieces for the OTR micro to make it seem wider. But the only 36" OTR micro is KitchenAid. GE discontinued theirs and there are absolutely no others.

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This is related so hope it's ok I'm posting this under this post. We are putting in an induction cooktop (KitchenAid as of now) in a new island for which we are ordering stock cabinets.We want to put in a 3 drawer base unit with the top drawer for cooking utensils. I can't find a cooktop that requires a small enough clearance. Currently these cabinets and a small filler piece would give me 4-7/16. With the Kitchenaid I need 5-1/8. My friend's builder put hers in with less than a 5-1/8 clearance and put a heat shield underneath. I don't want to invalidate the warranty by not adhering to Kitchenaid's guidelines.Right now the plan is to cut out an inch from the toe kick and add another filler piece. It will look different from the rest of the kitchen because now I will have a gap between the top of the drawer front and the counter. Any advice is appreciated!

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