Clear shower curtain - does it look cheap?

tinanJune 23, 2013

For a long time we just had a clear plastic shower curtain in our master bath, it has an acrylic tub surround and shower over tub. Not the most glamorous, but new, shiny, and very easy to keep clean!

Recently I have started my planning to give this room a facelift and bought a white waffle weaver shower curtain at target - I like the curtain, but it feels so dark and enclosed in the shower now! I preferred showering with the clear curtain, it was a bit like a glass door. It didn't look "good" but it was sort of a non-design feature.

I'm wondering what others think of a clear (plain) plastic curtain on a tub/shower - does it just look cheap? I could get used tot he new curtain but part of me just wants to take it down!

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When I have needed shower curtains, I have paired them with a separate cloth curtain. That goes on a separate rod outside the clear curtain...You can pull it open when you shower - just use the clear curtain for water containment. Pull it closed the rest of the time for looks. The cloth curtains cost a bit more, but also look nice. The cheap plastic ones are easy to replace when necessary.

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I agree with gladys1924. A cloth curtain looks nicer, just get a double rod unit and only pull the clear liner closed for showering.

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So simple - why didn't I think of that! I have the liner and the curtain on the same rings/rod but I was planning to replace the rod anyway, since it is a nice looking curved one but it is the "quick fit" style from BB&B and the joint area catches the rings, which is annoying. I want to get one without a joint - so I may as well get a double one and use your tip. Thanks!

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