3/4" marble good or bad? I have to decide tonight.

lilloJune 11, 2013

For the continuation of my saga , my first marble fabricator decided to raise the price ( which was already high ) by $600.00 . $250.00 for using the wet saw , and the rest for extra material !!!
I was already frustrated from him for the way he handled my order and delayed me now for a month and half .
So,I went to another marble fabricator , but this one has a statuario slab 3/4" that I was going to use for the vanity and I was going to use 3/4" white Carrara that matches it for the tub deck and shower bench .
What do you think ? Is the 3/4" good or not ? I want to get something durable that will not break . This is to be used in my master bathroom .

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Mine is 3/4 but mitered on the front and sides so it looks thicker.

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A lot of European kitchens and baths are using 3/4" thick counters. I like the look, so it is what we are using. As Sofla mentioned, it can also be mitered to look thicker, if that is what you prefer.

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Thank you Sofla and kaysd for your prompt response . I am still waiting for the second fabricator to give me his prices , which he should have done today . I hope he calls tomorrow with a reasonable price . I will ask him his price for the metered edge .
I feel that people wants to take advantage of me at every step of this renovation . This new fabricator quoted me a price for the Carrara , as if he is using the whole slab , while I ended up by using remnant pieces to try to put together the tub dek , shower bench, threshold and a piece for the pony wall . So I am waiting for his new price .
What kind of marble did you use Sofla ? How much did they charge you per sqft ?

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On other threads I see that they advise you to put plywood underneath the 3/4" marble . Did you do that Sofla ? Or planning to do kaysd ?

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Do you have all your pieces metered Sofla ? Around the tub deck too ? How does the shower glass door go around the built edge ?

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I have a 2cm counter because I wanted to use the same stone for the shower threshold and knee wall caps, and 3cm looks goofy (to me) in those areas because its too chunky. I prefer 3cm for counters but I didn't have a choice and didn't want mitered counters either. I'm very happy with mine (and I think you already know what it looks like).

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Thank you KevinMP for your feedback , but as everything is so complicated in this bath Reno , this deal didn't go through . My contractor started telling me that he is uncomfortable installing the 2cm specially for the vanity , so I should get the fabricator to do it . When I mentioned the metered edges for just the vanity and tub deck , I was quoted $1200 for it !! When I also mentioned that I was getting the tub deck from four different remnant pieces and that I should get a different price for that , I was answered ," it doesn't matter this is the price, you like it you get the job done , you don't like it don't take it " . SO , I OBVIOUSLY didn't take it , not because I didn't want to use the 2 cm but because of the rudeness of this guy . Even if he was going to give it for free I wouldn't have taken it from him .
I really don't know what is wrong with these people . Is it because the remodeling business is booming now , they don't care about the way they treat their clients . I don't have a long experience with dealing with workers , I just did my kitchen a year ago , but I have never faced such rude people as in this job . As if I keep on stumbling on them .
I hope I can be done soon with this job. I envy the people who are handy and do their remodeling by themselves .
So back to my marble hunting again. . As you can see on my new thread , what I am facing now .
Thank you again all , for your support and advice .

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Lillo, I thought I had followed up to your questions but I guess it didn't post. Even if you were a DYI you would still have marble issues. Remember I had said in another post, I had used a designer because I was using expensive materials and wanted it done right. I also had marble issues but the designer fought my battles, although it was still as frustrating because I always had doubts and questioned every decision. I felt decisions were made that favored moving forward with the project rather than what I liked. But in the end it was not the case. My tub surround has durorock supporting the marble and the vanities have no plywood. I used mitered around tub surround and vanities, but not on the pony walls. The pony walls and the inside of the edge surrounding the sinks are same. I, too, went back and forth concerned that the 3/4 would look to thin around sinks. Had to spend time checking out others' projects at the sink area. It looks fine. I was afraid it would look too thin and not hefty and solid enough. I am happy with the mitered edge as well. I would have to look up my paper work. Two prices one came from marble store and the other from fabricator. I remember it being the most expensive in comparison to the kitchen remodel and other projects I have had in my home. Your asked about what happens at shower door. Your bench should not have an overhang so there is no gap in shower door. Mine has an overhang, a mistake, but the gap is minimal and no water escapes so I was lucky.

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Sofla , you were lucky to have your designer fight your battles. Unfortunately , I have to fight my battles with my GC and the other people that I have to deal with . The worst is that its my GC's disorganization that puts me in these problems and keeps on delaying my project.
My 3/4" marble didn't work because of the above mentioned reasons. I had to go back to my first marble guy , get ripped off and smile, to get the job done . I hope that I will get my marble as he promised on June 25 th.

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my point lillo is that whether you are a dyi, hiring out or hiring a designer, these problems and resulting frustrations still occurred. The job was till frustrating with a long wait time to get it straightened out. My bath took longer than my kitchen reno. Although I had a designer, the job was still held up and things cost money to remedy.

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lillo, are you finished with your bathroom?

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I have been wondering about her too. Hope everything is going well.

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Thank you for your concern Sofla and may flowers . I am not done with my bathroom yet because I have a crappy GC . Every step is delayed and has problems in it . I got delayed in the marble for the vanity because he didn't finish the vanity on time to take the template . So I got my marble for the tub deck and two weeks later I got the marble for the vanity . The tower was delivered a week after the vanity only to find out that he made it 18 " deep while I asked it to be 12" . He argued with me that 12" is too small so he made it 15" and delivered it a week later . My husband and I hated it , so he took it back on Tuesday to make it 12" and it's not back yet . Meanwhile , he is still working on the wood for the side panels of the tub deck , baseboards and door and window frames . The tile guy is waiting for the tower so he could do the backsplash and grout around the tub . My shower door is ordered and should be here according to him soon . All the walls have dents and scratches , so the painter should be back too .
I can't tell you how frustrated I am with this GC . He is so unorganized , irresponsible , it's always not his fault if something goes wrong .
He screwed up my drawers , made me two premade u cut drawers with a 13" cut in the middle ( which is making me loose 1/3 of each drawer ) for the four bottom drawers under each sink .
I have a yellow stain on my shower threshold from the splash of yellow water that was in the pipes when they installed the shower fixtures . I discovered the yellow droplets 4 hours after his workers left without cleaning after themselves .
For the drawers I am thinking of making him get me regular drawers and I will get somebody else to cut them for me . For the stain , he said that he will use something like an acid to remove it .
I hope that God will give me the patience to finish up this project that this GC made me hate .

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I can sympathize totally. I thought I had the longest bath remodel going on and still going on. I had a similar experience w our linen closet. The upper shelving was 15deep and sat on top of a cabinet. It stuck out too much for us, felt it looked like a book shelve, dark expresso. We had it removed and it sits in our garage, then had to bring the painters back in to patch up the wall it was liquid glued to. I am still waiting on the electrician to add another high hat light. I'm not proceeding with the bedroom flooring until the bathroom traffic is out of here.
What is the material of tile that that the stain is on? Marble or porcelain. I would be careful with the acid could take the gloss off. Might be better to replace threshold. I have a yellow stain on one tile of mine under the threshold inside shower. I am thinking it is the iron content in the marble or moisture is getting under there.
I soaked a marble tile sample in water all week to see if the mineral content comes out and it did not change. The marble guy is coming on Sat to correct the issue and pop the tile out and replace regrout etc. Never over.
Just don't get burnt out and let anything you are not happy with go just to have it over. Take it day by day. Each install is hold your breath and hope for it to be right.

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Sorry that you have had to go through this nightmare, lillo. Where did you find that so-called GC? And who does he think he is deciding how deep to make the tower??!! I agree to have him supply regular drawers and have someone competent notch them.

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So sorry to hear about your nightmare GC. I hope things continue to progress and you end up with a bathroom you love. As sofla mentioned, is your threshold marble (or limestone) or a ceramic/porcelain? If it's marble or limestone, an acid could etch the marble.

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I'd do more looking into how to remove possible rust stains from what I assume is marble. Acid will cause etching, as you know, and may or may not remove the stain. Let us know how the stain works out, because I'am sure others like myself are interested in this.

It's wonderful that your DH is so helpful in this project and supportive.

Chin up :) it will be completed and some of the irritation will fade soon enough.

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Thank you all for your support and encouragement . Yes the threshold is marble and it has already been replaced one time before because the first one was too narrow . It's a nightmare to replace it , because we will have to replace the tile that is butting into it too . I will double check with this GC before he uses any product . If the acid is going to etch it then he will have to repolish it at his own expense .
I just hope that I won't have more issues with what is left to be done . Thank you Sofla for the advice , I think that this guy is betting on that I want to get done and that is it . He is mistaken , I will not accept anything just to get done . This is not me . I will keep you posted .

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Well, today my marble guy returns to look at the yellowing tile I have below the threshold. I'll let you know how that is remedied. I remember your threshold issues. Our projects have been once, twice,hopefully three is the charm.

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Hi Sofla ,
Have you tried rubbing it with Mr clean eraser . Yesterday one of the workers brought it in and rubbed the stained area . It took away some of the stain , not all of it though . I think I'll take it like this instead of messing around with acid that might work on honed marble , but mine is polished . I hope that will work for you . Let me know what your marble guy says to use for stains , for the future .

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Lillo, thanks I'll give it a try later today. The marble guy did not show as scheduled Sat, waiting for a reschedule.

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