Decent 36" hood for $2000 or under?

MillroadJune 18, 2013

After reading through about 1500 posts on this really useful forum, I have decided to purchase a Wolf 36" rangetop with griddle. In my original remodel budget, I only put $600 for a hood, and I now see that this is inadequate for anything decent. But now that I've dug up some more cash, I'm not sure how to best spend these dollars. It will be a wall-mounted hood venting right up either into the attic (ranch house) or through the roof. Any advice on brands, blowers, duct size, etc. would be useful

Also, I am acting as the GC, god help me, and am wondering how much the install for these usually runs, with no existing ductwork in place, but a short run.


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Do not vent into the attic - that's dangerous and violates code. You can vent through the attic and out the roof.

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Um, yeah, especially since we had insulation blown in there last fall. That was stupid. I'm wondering if we should get a roof-mounted blower for the hood, or if that will push me into the red zone $$ wise. You can see I'm just learning about this, so go easy on me please.

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I like my quiet but powerful Kobe hood. Easy to clean. They have a wide range of styles. I don't know if they do external blowers.

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Roof mount should prove quieter for the same net flow rate. Roof mount also allows choice in configuration between the typical residential approach of blowing exhaust down the roof (where it may be smelled or even pulled in through a window) and the typical commercial approach of blowing it up into the air. The latter is more visually obtrusive while the former has a lower profile.

If the hood provides a motor speed control, the fan motor has to be compatible with it. External fans bought as a package with a hood should be compatible.

Upblast fans may prove quieter and more snow resistant, although my main ventilation down-slope fan hasn't had a snow problem here in NH. This may depend on air leakage and thermal leakage into the attic causing localized melting at the exhaust port.


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Best wishes, Millroad. Figuring out venting was not enjoyable for me, despite the generous help of this forum.
My GC is charging $850 to run duct through my 12' ceiling and out my roof, $1200 for the cabinet hood (you could maybe build a wood/drywall/stucco hood yourself). Appropriately sized hood inserts run 800 to 1200 on sale. Using a remote motor would have added a little to the parts and labor costs. I found tradewind customer service to be helpful, but my GC gets a deal on Kobe so that is what I'll get.
I could have saved money by going with an all in one, chimney style hood from zephyr, but my 12' tall ceilings made that expensive and unattractive. If you have less height and/or like the chimney look that will be most cost effective - but still 3 x your budget. Unless you have a friend who does HVAC work?

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Millroad, just make sure, if you go with roof-mounted, that you have repairmen in your area willing to work on the roof-mounted blower.

A lot of areas don't have people willing to do so.

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kksmama - I've seen your install quotes on a couple threads and have to ask, is there a particular complexity beyond the ceiling height? I've run a few ducts through the attic and out the roof myself and it's no big deal with an asphalt roof. In my current case the contractor did it in an hour or so with no additional charge beyond a few bucks for materials. Electrical was just part of the rewiring of the kitchen, so no additional cost there, either. I could see $850 if you're calling someone to the house for this specifically, but not for a GC who's already on site.

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We're building a home and installing a 36" Bluestar rangetop. We've gone with a 36" Zephyr Tempest with dual internal blower. I think it's about 1200 cfm. We like the styling and think it will fit our kitchen decor nicely. I have already purchased the BS and it's been sitting in an unused room in our rental home and every now and then, I take the cover off just to take a peak! I cannot wait to get this rangetop and hood in operation. Looks to be about three more months and then we'll be in.

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Thank you, foodonastump. I don't think there is any additional complexity, but the $850 does include ducting, the roof cap, etc. It may be an area in which my GC is padding, I don't know. I'm happy with our overall price and scope of work, so I won't question it, but maybe Millroad can do better.

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Millroad-- in wondering if you've looked at the Best by Broan hoods.

I have a 48" Best by Broan installed over my Wolf range, with an inline blower that runs through the attic and vents out the roof.

They're definitely higher end but not crazy expensiv (it's Broan's high-end line), they look sleek and IMHO are all around awesome. They have multiple fan speeds, multi-level halogen lighting, and mine is extremely quiet and very effective.

If you're interested, I can get you the model number, etc.

The ventilation part of the kitchen project wasn't particularly fun, but I'm very happy with what I chose.

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OP here, I have a salesman trying to talk me into an Imperial or a Vent-a-Hood. Both have an integral blower. No one seems to think I need an inline or roof-mounted blower, even when I mention that I am back to considering the Blue Star rangetop. I guess I'm still not sure about the ins and outs of each option and still have some homework to do. I will look into some of the models that you all have suggested, thanks!

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From what I have read, the owners of Z-Line hoods are very happy and seem to feel that they are a good value.

Here is a nice one for the money and the full line link is below.

Remember if this is for an island you need to oversize the hood tp make up for cross breezes. See my comment on the post asking about what CFM they need it for more info.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Z-Line Hoods

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Millworks, just a thought--

If fan noise is an issue for you, and you're thinking of going w/an integral blower, make sure you listen to whichever model you're considering, installed, running, on all fan speeds.

I went to a friend's house and listened to her VAH and it was pretty loud, IMO, compared with other models installed with inline blowers.

If you happen to be sensitive to the fan noise, It's totally worth taking the time to find one installed and have a listen.

You may be able to listen to one installed on the sales floor.

My cabinetmaker had another customer with one model I was considering, and I went to her house and listened.

Good luck!

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