Powder room placement in modified floorplan?

minneapolisiteMay 17, 2012

At this point, I'm just playing with the floorplan to see if it's possible to reduce the footprint and consolidate the guest/family entrances.

I'm stuck with how/where to place the powder room.

Here's what it looks like after my hack job:

But where would you put the powder room? (I provided a few powder room options in the top right corner.)


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What is outside of the mudroom/WIC? It looks like cubbies?

Could you put the powder room where the WIC is? That's really the ideal location in this layout. Then move the WIC to the corner of the garage next to where the powder room would be. That either puts the WIC in the garage, or you could shift the garage over +/- 5 feet.

You have some dead space behind the fridge, I would make that space deeper behind the fridge so that you could have a fridge that's deeper than counter-depth, and still have a fridge that aligns with the countertop.

Also, the front porch appears very narrow - almost unusable.

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Unfortunately, we can't shift the garage over because we are at the maximum buildable width, and we can't put the closet in the garage because we live in Minnesota where that would result in frozen coats. I should have mentioned those constraints in the first post. :)

I think the "dead space" behind the fridge is where the venting will run from the basement to the 2nd floor, but I'm not 100% sure.

Don't worry about the front porch, this version is just my hack job, not an official finalized floorplan. I really only posted it hoping for powder room placement ideas that are compatible with the floorplan and the lot. :)

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Jack Kennedy

it looks like you may have three possible sets of lockers..... one set opposite the walk in closet, which makes the most sense to me. can you push the wall of the walk in closet/locker wall into the foyer to give you more room in the service area. What do you plan to store in the walk in closet? daily coats could be kept in the lockers and you could have a bath entrance off the foyer and the closet entrance off the garage. I know that puts the closet in the garage, but if you're using it for extra stuff for kids then it may make more sense.

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I think I'd put the powder room in the walk in closet...and the closet where you have the cubbies. Then, I'd put a bench with hooks above, in the main entry, for family/friends' coats.

Can you move the door, to where you have that window...at the end of the countertop with the range? I know you got rid of the sunroom, but that space behind the garage would make a great patio/deck/BBQ area. You might even be able to add a roof or an arbor over that area, too. That would leave the 'backyard' for your garden and kids' play area...rather than staring at your deck furniture...and make it easy to see the kids from the kitchen/nook area, too.

Here's a picture of a bench I like...but you could put larger hooks above, to actually hang coats :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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THanks, lavendar! "that space behind the garage would make a great patio/deck/BBQ area"

I know I didn't mention this before, but that side of the house (the right/north side) is the only side that bumps up against a neighbor's house. It wouldn't get very good light and wouldn't have a very nice view. I was thinking about fencing that area in for a dog run if we get a dog someday.

I do REALLY want a screen porch w/ a fireplace. That plus a sun deck are spaces that we would definitely actually use, but I'm not sure where to put them exactly. You are right about not wanting to stare at deck furniture, or compromise the natural light that comes into the house.

Here's the latest version. I'm still trying to mash that stupid powder room in there. :)

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What if you put the screened porch, behind the garage...shade is good for a screened porch. It would not be as wide as the garage, so you could put lattice panels on the side facing the neighbor, or grow vines there. Either way, you'd have some privacy and still get the breeze.

Then, I would put the sun deck, behind the screened porch (towards the top of your plan) and have that be your nice view area. The deck could continue over to the back door you have there now. This would allow you to access the deck, from the kitchen or the screened porch and still see your backyard, from the rest of the back spaces.

As for the powder room, I think you need to add few feet back to the front of the house, to allow more 'leg room' in the powder room and a bit more space in the den/office/music room.

If you plan to sit out on the front porch, you'll need it to be deeper. If not, maybe incorporate that space, into the main house.

Oh, and I think I would move the range down a bit, so you can have windows on either side and still have the door to the screened porch. You can use the light and with the pantry, you should be okay losing just a little more upper cabinet space. I probably showed you this in the other thread, but I really like the windows, on each side of the range. And you'd be able to see into the porch (great kids' play area during the cooler months of spring and fall) while working in the kitchen :) From Farmhouse plans

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Oh that is lovely. :) I'm going to send this idea to my husband and see what he thinks!

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Looks good. However, as it is me, I'd reverse the door swing on the gear closet door (or make it a pocket). I'd also consider (though not necessarily decide to) use a pocket door for your powder.

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Oh, a pocket door on the mud room closet is a great idea!!

We will be meeting with our builder tomorrow to go over numbers on the original floor plan. That should give us some direction on how much we need to scale back the plan. :)

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