cost of 5 ft. x 2 ft three-quarter inch granite slab

nina41June 11, 2008

Anyone have any estimates for a 60" long x 24" deep piece of granite for a countertop on a vanity? I'd like it 3/4" thick. I live in the Chicago area. I just want a ball park I can try and fill out my budget for my upcoming remodel.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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Check out the remnant yards of your fabricator! In our area, the fabricator does not charge for the remnant (since the slab was paid for previously by someone who didn't want to store the remnants, they can't resell the same product), just the labor. And labor is tax free. :) We were able to do a slab with a bullnose edge and a 6" backsplash for $350 labor (we installed the vanity top). :)

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Thanks! Great suggestion...

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I also found a remnant place but I did have to pay for the remnant (only $10 a square foot though). With fabrication (cut to size, edges and hole for sink) it came to about $375

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That's amazing that you found a remnant that you just pay for labor. Or folkman paying $10 a square foot. I'm in suburban NJ and I just got quotes on three different grades of granite remnants for a vanity, 22 inches x 35 inches, with a sink cutout and one finished edge, plus three sides of backsplash and the quotes ranged from $570 to $875. Ridiculous.

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I wouldn't give up yet. I found my place from an ad they have on the Boston area Craigslist. Check out the local version for you or search more on the web. I think being in NJ you should be able to find similar places like I did here in MA.

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I checked on yet another granite place today on my luch hour. I told her I was on a budget, looking only at remnants. She told me all their remnants were $50 sq. ft. So far so good. I need less than 6 feet. Then the charges started addig up and no matter which remnant I picked, it came to $910 with tax. $250 for templating and install. $150 for attaching the sink. And some other charge for fabricating the back and side splashes. I must admit, I was happy that I could get blue pearl for the same price as a lesser grade granite, but they came out to the highest one yet.

Beth S. NJ

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Should be about $150-$200.
Many prefabs are now available


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This is all great info. At least now I have an idea of price range...
thanks all.

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macawmom i also live in NJ can you please tell me the places where you got quotes from them so that i can call for an estimate as well. thank you

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