What size floating shelves over toilet?

kaysdJune 11, 2013

Our wall-mounted toilet will be in a 3' wide niche. I would like to put 2 (maybe 3) floating shelves over the toilet. The shelves would be 4-6" deep, and are intended to hold pretty bottles of bath products, candles and other decorative items.

Should I use 36" long wall-to-wall shelves or something shorter (24-30") so there is a gap between the shelves and the side walls? If I use shorter shelves, should they be lined up evenly, centered over the toilet, or staggered?

Modern Bathroom by Costa Mesa Tile, Stone & Countertops Famosa- The Surface Studio

Modern Bathroom by Other Metro Photographers Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Modern Bathroom by Cupertino Architects & Designers anat shmariahu


Contemporary Bathroom by Seattle Home Stagers Andrea Braund Home Staging & Design

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OH, you have to decide this one :) the images you posted are all nice and any would work. I noticed none have the shelves running wall to wall though. Can you find an image with that configuration?

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I wouldn't run the shelves right to the walls, but I agree with enduring, it is totally up to you. Whatever you think looks best.

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I'm in the same boat! I notice that each configuration has something that the shelves tie in with. Grab bar width, toilet width, or a proportion of the wall space width.

If you have a niche, seems like you could do wall to wall, or shorter ones centered, or staggered, so no help there. What would be consistent with the room style?

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The only photo I could find with the shelves running wall-to-wall was in a narrower niche, not over a toilet.

Modern Bathroom by Dallas Design-build Firms MORE design+build

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The bathroom is fairly sleek and modern. I think any of the configurations could work and be consistent, it is just hard to choose. If I order something shorter than wall-to-wall, I can always decide later whether to stack or stagger them. In that case, I need to decide whether to go with 24" shelves with 6" gap on each side, or 30" shelves with 3" gap on each side, or something in between.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Can you put up blue tape on the wall to help you decide? Tape it, take a photo, then do another config with more tape, and take a photo. Etc. Then you can view photos to choose which one you like before you make any holes in the walls and (like me) change your mind...several times. ;-


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Found one on Houzz.com - with shelves all the way from side to side at


I like these the best if you are really looking to use some of space for practical storage (don't have to worry about going off the end). Helps esthetics of picture that toilet is a "wall mounted" one, I think but still, this is a nice almost "library" look to it.

But if you are strictly using for decorative (what about dusting?), then the shorter floating shelves that don't go end to end contribute less to clutter of bathroom which would be a good thing, IMO

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Thanks for finding that photo, Elphaba (shown below). That helps answer my question because I don't like how wide those shelves look over the toilet. I also don't like how narrow the ones are in my 2nd photo above (exact width of toilet). So, I need something in between toilet width and 30."

I plan to use these shelves mostly for products that I use either in or right after the shower (shower gels, scrubs, creams). These are products with really nice containers and/or labels that I picked up in France and elsewhere, so they are decorative. The shelves are also functional in that they keep non-everyday items out of the shower.

Traditional Bathroom by London Interior Designers & Decorators Hammett Interiors

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You might like to check out the attached article from the Tiny-A$$ Apartment blog for more photos of shelves, both in enclosed rooms and not.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiny-A$$ Apartment blog

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