What am I not Getting?

NucGal1June 21, 2014

I am not new to remodeling projects...... (Female) and I thought I understood. some aspects of contractor's kickbacks. The contractor I am using bid only for labor and supplies, excluding fixtures, shower doors, tub etc. which I would provide. He gave me a few plumbing resources And of course I have checked other sources. One of his obviously gave me a full retail pricing, while the other gave me the discount. Most of my sources have given me excellent pricing( established large local businesses catering to contractors and designers). I went over the list with my contractor and asked him to have his guy price out my list.

Now, the confusion, I have looked for tile for a very long time, found what I liked then learned the woman I used for my kitchen tile was now with the company that bought her business. She was a known interior designer before opening a tile business and has a great eye. Turns out my contractor has done lots of business with her. I go see her and she likes what I have chosen and says she will work up the numbers and email it to my contractor.

Two weeks later, I meet with my contractor and ask if he has the quote and drawings. Checks his email says yes, I ask him to email me a copy. Two weeks, an email and a text message later , still no email from him. Contact the tile lady, ask for a copy and she says my contractor has it. I ask for Her to send it, she says she is out of office and will send it tomorrow. Three hours later get an email from contractor with a list of the tile and price per foot. No bottom line, which is what I need. The tile lady has not emailed me the quote.

I felt there was transparency with this contractor and now I am questioning my decision. And I missing something? I am the one writing the check. Is the tile lady wrong in not giving me the breakdowns? Sorry for my lengthy diatribe .

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Sophie Wheeler

You are not the tile company's customer. The contractor is. And he is who will bring them repeat business.

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Holly, I had a tile/fixtures company treat me like that when I used a designer to help pick things out, and believe me, they lost plenty of repeat business from me (I have 5 bathrooms to remodel) and I make sure to tell others not to purchase there.

They refused to give me a listing of the products that had been installed in my project because I wasn't the one who paid for it ... well technically it was my money that paid for it! They finally printed out a list ... it didn't take long, but their attitude will cost them around $80K in business and plenty of negative word of mouth.

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Sophie Wheeler

The financials between a seller and customer is private business. That's standard business practice. No one but the two parties involved has access to that information. If the contractor wishes to share, that's one thing. But you wouldn't want what you paid for your last car, or last remodel being given out to your neighbors. It's not their business.

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Sounds like your problem is with your contractor, the biggest issue being that he's tardy on communications dealing with specific numbers. I'd guess he isn't so much dodging giving you a price as he's engaged elsewhere and hasn't taken the time to turn Tile Lady's numbers into consumer numbers. OK, I get that he's busy and we're just talking 2 weeks in the time period before your project even begins, but will this too-business continue on into your active building period? I'd wonder about that. In fact, I might address that subject specifically with the GC before going further.

Hollysprings is correct, Tile Lady is acting appropriately. It's the GC who's causing the hold up.

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Is the new tile company only "to the trade"?

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I initiated the visit to the tile store, my GC did not send me there. It is not a to the trades only shop, that I would understand. As I am not getting any allowances from the GC and would be the one writing the check directly to the tile store I am the customer (?).
With most people pricing items online, it might be time for contractors to just fudge those kickbacks into their quotes.
Suzannesl, yes I need a discussion. I am doing two bathrooms so once we get going it needs to move seamlessly ( LOL). I am a little nervous as I had a GC flake on me half-way through a kitchen remodel.
Thanks for the input.

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Holly, in my case I only wanted product listing and not pricing, so no real reason not to give me the product numbers of the things that were installed in my house. Without customers there would be no projects for builders or designers!

I now deal with a different plumbing supply shop because they treat everyone the same and offer great service. One competitive pricing, no special secret deals for the trades.

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