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creekdwellerOctober 7, 2011

I am so guilty of buying things all year for differant Holidays and then when it is time to decorate, I have no idea what I have or where.

I have an idea. As I buy things, take pictures of the new items and put them in differant holiday albums so we will know what we have to decorate with.

Just his past week, I have found three metal christmas trees like someone posted just recently. I had no idea I had three, I knew when I saw the one, that I had one like it but not three!!

You folks have probably already discussed and done this, I'm just behind.

Now if I can remember which program and folder I put the pictures in. LOL


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Pictures are always good ... locations change too much around in my house (too much) for me! Congrats on having 3 metal trees ...will be fun to see how you decorate them! LOL! I keep pics in Photobucket & on my computer, each yr I save them to a memory card. Jeanne S.

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Creek, I seem to be the Queen of Losing Holiday Decor right now. And like you, I buy all thru the year and with no way to store it properly with other things, sure causes me problems later on. But I ALWAYS take photos. Partly to show the gang here, and partly to remind myself what I bought. I set up an album in Photobucket (private) for New Holiday Purchases.
And last year I made myself a list of where I stored my decorations, tho it didn't seem to help me much this past week when I "lost" the huge bin of Fall stuff. Tho my list was correct, it was just ME that didn't find it where I said it was. LOL. But I think it would be a real good idea in the future if I also listed where I put the new items! Photobucket has the description area under each picture, so that might be perfect spot for 'notes to myself'.

I am looking forward to seeing your metal trees. Hope you are doing ok, and we see more of you here again.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks for the tips Creek, I've bee using bins that you can see through and writing which holiday they are for in very large letters, that helps some. I just have to be sure to keep bins for each holiday together. I need remember to take more pictures to avoid getting duplicates.

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Creek, that is a good idea but I'm on the computer all day so don't always want to spend more time on here for important things like this.LOL So far I just have several different colored totes for the different Holidays and that works.


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