Need some hood help, 715cfm enough for my CC? Where to buy?

3wallerJune 8, 2012


I am looking at the 42" Zephyr Monsoon II in either the standard version (1200 cfm) or the quieter DCBL model (715 cfm). Do you guys think the 715 would be enough for my 6 burner 36" CC rangetop?

Also, any good ideas where to buy these and have it shipped to Buffalo? They are 1800 in Canada, which is not competitive with the US MSRP.


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i have a 36" CC range top (6 burners). I would definatally get a 1200 CFM. We have a 1200 CFM fan now and never had it below half way.

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It depends on the way you cook.

If you have 4 or more burners on full blast the DCBL model will have a hard time keeping up.

Most people will never go past two burners full blast,one on medium and one on simmer. In this situation, the DCBL model can handle it being turned on to max.

If you are the type of cook that likes to have the oven on at 350 while cooking on the stovetop to finish things off in the oven then you are adding more heat the blower needs to evacuate.

I have a 6 burner CC range and have a 1400 cfm external blower.

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Deeageaux I am also considering these two models, but will have a BS 6 burner range top. My oven will be in an island away from the blower. We would hardly ever use the full 6 burners if ever, but we might use 2 at high under a griddle and then a 3rd at medium or so for something else at the same time do you feel the DCBL would work in that case?

I love the LED lights the DCBL offers as opposed to the halogen.

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Hmm. It's not clear why someone would buy six as opposed to four burners if they did not anticipate using more than four burners at the same time, at least occasionally.

Anyway FWIW I have a four burner CC rangetop with a blower rated at 1,000 cfm, and I still set off the smoke detector every now and then. So I would not stint on the blower. Note also that unless you have a really short wide duct run and ample MUA, the amount of air actually moved may be quite a bit less than the cfm rating of the blower.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys. Looks like I'll have to go with the noisier version. I either have to run it to the roof (I have deadspace attic above), which is about a 15 foot run, or out the the side of the house which is about the same run. The one out the side would be two elbows, the roof would be one. Thoughts?

Also, if anyone knows where I can get the Zephyr (or equivalent) at a decent price in the US i'd appreciate it. Getting gouged is no fun.



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Colin3, I want the 6 burners for the added space on the top of the range while I'm cooking. I might use 3 or 4 but hardly ever 6, at least as I can see now. But that extra space will be very nice to have so I don't have the crowded space when I am using 4 burners.

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Sounds good. FWIW the 30-incher does feature a 5" empty grate down the middle, separating the right and left burners. If you have room for a 36-incher, it might also be worth considering four burners plus a griddle.

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