Halloween Homage to PB, and more

christmascandyOctober 14, 2011

I borrowed the idea of layering the frames for this arrangement from the PB website:

The center portrait is a DT holographic pic that changes from the old lady to a grotesque melting face:

The rest of the pictures are ones I found on the internet and copied. I used TS frames and painted them black and the mirror has a DT bird cutout.

The pictures below were some black glitter decorations from DT that I found when I was trying to find the holographic pix. They had a little stand that goes at a right angle to set them up, but I chose to use them as silhouettes in front of an orange plastic piece I cut from a plastic tablecloth, then more TS frames painted black. The frames are 10 X 13 to give you an idea of the size.

The mantel has a TS garland, TS witch, TS wooden bowl, and a TS candlestick w/DT crow.

The front door has more DT bird cutouts above it, TS witch hats on the topiaries w/more bird cutouts, and fall ribbon bows. The Trick or Treat kid was GdWl a couple of yrs ago, and the wreath is one I decorated a long time ago.

The wall arrangement has TS finds from last yr as well as the orange and black pic was HL clearance after Halloween last yr for 90% off as it was missing the frame. I guess you know by now what I did for that, LOL

The graduated pumpkin plates are TS finds that are diplayed in my TV cabinet.

I am really bummed right now as I spent the afternoon taking down the gazebos and putting away the patio furniture. DH desn't help with any of that as he considers it my choice if I want to put it out, then I can put it all back also. I guess it means summer is really over although it is supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow. But I know if I don't do it when its nice out, I'll be sorry later. BOO HOO, : (

I love fall decorations but I still hate to say goodbye to summer. I'm solar powered and the shorter days make me sad.



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Very bewitchin,' candy! You're a girl after my own heart! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you printed & framed & arranged your Halloween art!!! (is PB...public broadcasting?) And that holographic pic just made me LOL!

Your entryway would delight any trick or treater w/the witch hats on the trees & your bird cut-outs...very cool! Looks like you are having way too much fun getting ready for the big day! Sorry about summer passing...it will take time & you'll be back to your ol' self! TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, LOL, it is the Pottery Barn website. I enjoy the decorating, just don't enjoy losing my summer. PB had a layered frame display on their Halloween page so I "borrowed" their idea. Do you think they are flattered? LOL.

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Candy, your decorations are fantastic! I really love the framed silhouettes. I also saw the layered frames in PB and thought it was such a cool idea. I think you did a great job and yes, PB should be very flattered!

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Candy, PB wouldn't be flattered, they'd be JEALOUS at great yours looks! LOL. And just when I was thinking how totally delightful the topsy turvy frames are, I go and scroll down and see what you did from the DT glitter silhouettes. I'd have NEVER thought of that and its sooooo
cool. That is going in my Halloween "idea file" and at the top of the (endless) list I keep. I love it!!

Everything looks wonderful, but I am crazy about the long picture with the blk cat on the pumpkin. I'd love to have one like that.

Yes, sad to put away your summer stuff when its still in the 80s. (100 here, ugh). But I'm glad you do enjoy Fall decorating, so WE can enjoy your Fall decorating.

Had to laugh about your DH's attitude. Sounds quite a bit like my DH when it comes to helping. Kinda makes you want to strangle them some days doesn't it!

Once again I'm green with envy...over your decorating talent, your energy, your TS finds. I want to be like you when I grow up. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Candy, I Love your Halloween Decorations. It is so much fun to see. The layered frames are cool and the silhouettes are really fun. It is all spookily delightful.

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Your decor looks great. Love the frames.

I am so with you about the shorter days and summer leaving. I am still enjoying my outdoor showers and flowers, although some leaves are blowing around!
I don't like the shorter days.

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Candy, you have some wonderful creations here. Love all of it!!! Agree with everyone's comments and had a few laughs too while reading them. Great idea to get the trees out and top with a witchs hat.


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Candy, guess you've given me yet another idea...for NEXT year's Halloween. Putting a witch hat on my urn tree, and then I could have fun decorating it with Halloween ornaments. Then Fall ones of course. So far its only been a little Christmas tree.

Wish I'd..YOU'D..thought of this weeks ago, I have several witch hats and can't use any of them this time with my limited space thing going on. I a purple one with silver, and also a black one with silver. Darn.

hugs, Karen

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Candy, I don't know how I missed this.
I love PB - they always have the best decorating ideas and
your decorations are wonderful and so creative too!
Love the frames, wall display and the display in your curio with the Jack faces.
Your entry (love the witch hats) is so 'Trick or Treater' inviting and your
mantel - once again with ALL your TS finds - you put together a great mantel!
It's always fun looking at all your TS & decorations!

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Candy, I could only imagine someone's shock at admiring your unique picture display and then walking closer and seeing that horrible transformation of the little ol lady! LOL And I agree with the others--you idea of putting those black glitter silhouette wooden pieces in a frame is genius! Going on my idea list as well. I always love seeing all your decorating finds and ideas--just great! ;o)

Gosh, I just got some Fall decor out on the patio and living room--and you guys have already added your Halloween. I'd better get in gear! LOL

Temps here in Calif are still in the 90's most days, but this morning it was foggy and cool--so feeling more like Fall.


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