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gfmmjmJune 17, 2012

We are having a new house built, and need to choose the appliances. The thermador appliance deal (free dw and hood, if you buy the package (range, oven, fridge, etc.) looks appealing. The dw that is part of the deal is supposed to be bosch built. I would love to get opinions on the quality of these items from someone in the know. We are planning on a 36" range top, with a wall oven, steamer oven, and warming drawer, as well as a 42" cabinet level side by side fridge. All opinions are welcome!!!!

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Can't give you an opinion because I don't have the stuff yet. I recently ordered a full Thermador package, also as part of a new construction. I did it because I found the savings offered compelling, I liked all the appliances enough and really liked the ones most important to me, the local Thermdor service in my area is good, I got an extra year of warranty as part of the deal (total 3 years) and getting a consistent look in the kitchen was a nice bonus.
Most on this forum say mix and match is best, but some of the "all from one" offers can also be the best solution.
Of course, time will tell....

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Joc6820.. Can you post an update? Have you installed the appliances? Which appliances did you purchase? We are leaning towards a complete thermador package as well. It is a good promo. I am taken with the new 48 in steam range (despite the price tag). Thanks, and good luck with your new kitchen

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I had the 36" Masterpiece induction cooktop (CIT365GB), the downdraft (UCVM36FS), the combination Masterpiece convection oven with microwave(30") and the "Emerald" dishwasher. I don't have the model number on it or the oven, but they are easy to figure out. I loved all of the appliances, and am in the process of building a house and am planning on using them again. I so enjoyed cooking that was fast and so much cooler than gas. Definitely recommend. Don't know about service problems, but in the two years we lived in our house, I did not have any problems. The drying process on the dishwasher was different than I was used to, but I got used to it.

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jennyaz: The Thermador package I got was:
-36" bottom freezer fridge
-30" induction cook top
-steam/convection oven
-30" big oven (under steam oven)
-36" hood
-dishwasher, sapphire, I think, has 3rd shelf on top
Got good pricing on all the appliances and the dishwasher and hood for "free" as part of the promotion. Also got 3rd year of Mfr. warranty for using a certified installer.
I'm only a few weeks in, but so far pretty impressed. Some impressions:
-really like the fridge, the layout, lighting, ease of use, quietness, temperature stability, etc. It's a quality piece. Can be finicky to set up, install guy spent over an hour tweaking it, said Thermadors are like that, but once done right, stay that way
-still getting used to the dishwasher, it's really quiet and easy to use. Also does a great job cleaning the dishes (the purpose, right?), the tines are closer together than what I am used to and this has annoyed me a little. Haven't been able to fit dishes in as easily as I think I should be able o. There's lot of adjustability that I haven't explored yet, so this concern may go away
-the induction cook top, great. Can't believe how fast and accurate it is and how easy to keep clean. Can't see what the argument is for gas anymore
-the steam oven could be the star of the show. Haven't used the steam feature much yet, but the convection part is great. No comment on the big oven because it hasn't been used yet! Makes me wonder if we couldn't have gotten by without it
-I'm in hood hell. It's a big (24" deep) wall hood, looks and works great, but I keep smashing my head into it! I'm 6'2". My wife doesn't have this problem, but I would encourage anyone building a new kitchen to examine the height and depth of things around the cook top before ordering these appliances
We have had a few little things go wrong and Themador and the install company responded quickly to reslove. In my area there is an actual Thermador service person (Thermador employee) in addition to 3rd party authorized service options. This was a factor for me in deciding to go with Thermador.
So, so far I'm impressed and happy. Hope that helps.

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thanks for posting your updates and info. Best of luck for many years of enjoyable cooking!

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Thanks joc6820 - any update on the steam function? I'm considering the thermador steam/convection vs the miele steam. what i understand is that the miele has adjustable steam while thermador is just on/off steam. does it matter? does having convection too outweigh this issue?

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globaldad: I've never had a steam oven before, so I can't compare the Thermador with anything else. I don't know whether adjustable steam makes a difference. The full steam or combination steam it has has more than met all the steaming needs we have. Four months in, I can say the oven's been great for us. We use the convection function all the time. Except for big cookie batches, the big (Thermador) oven underneath is gathering dust. Temps are right on with the steam oven and it bakes very well. The oven has also been more than big enough for almost everything we do (3 people). The steam function and various combination functions have also been great. Steamed veggies really outstanding. Also, as many have said with steam ovens, the combination steam reheat is incredible. Pizza, and lots of other things, is actually better on day 2 than day 1. Clean up has also been pretty painless with the oven. The steam oven and drawer microwave we got are probably our most used appliances, although the other Thermador pieces have also been very good. Hope that helps.

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