XPost Resources Online for Bathroom Floor and Wall Tile

aktillery9May 9, 2014

We are currently building our new home (just started).

I am trying to price out tile for the bathroom.

Does anyone have any good affordable websites or suggestions for tile?


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amy do you have a virginia tile near you? Huge selection, great showroom (at least around here anyhow) and reasonable prices. I say reasonable as in a wide range so something for every budget including mine and then the other super fancy hand made cost an arm and a leg tile too.

It's all fun to look at and looking is free. :)

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bumping up. I know you said on-line but it is so hard (for me) to choose something like tile that way. Have you had any luck?

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Thanks Autumn. We don't have a Virginia Tile here in Texas.

In regards to online sources. The best I've found is floor and dacor and direct buy.

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You are really limiting yourself by going with online sources. B&M will have so much more. Plus, they'l have folks that know where to find even more. Floor and Decor is seconds, and most pro tilers hate dealing with their crap.

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