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Kathy HarringtonJune 4, 2014

Was all set on my appliances but now I'm having second thoughts on several different items. One, I think wolf is great but with a new build and wanting all of the more expensive choices I'm wondering if I could save some money by choosing another brand. Second. I was wanting to wait for the m series ovens but I'm wondering if it's worth it. Anyone else waiting on them. Third, anyone regret mounting the steam oven under counter


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What appliances are you considering? Range or rangetop? Cook top? What type of cooking do you do? Generally most here will recommend different brands for different appliances.

As to Wolf, you might want to read about the blue enamel chipping. There is plenty written on this forum.

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Only thing I can say about the steam oven is that it emits a TON of steam when opened in steam mode. Even if you turn it off for a bit before opening you'll need to stand back and remove your glasses :) So in regard to that, under counter would probably be better than wall though I wouldn't want to bend down that much to use it. Our micro is an under counter drawer, it's convenient but I wouldn't want the steam oven there. We have ours on top of the Wolf convection in the wall. The steam oven is the most used oven in the house and is located in the most convenient and ergonomically accessible spot.
Those are the only 2 Wolf appliances we have, other than the name I believe there are other more economical choices that would deliver the same quality and performance, perhaps even better. We put them in our new build and have been using them for about a year now, they work great, no complaints so far.

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Kathy Harrington

Thanks for the responses. We do cook a lot and probably even more with this house as we will be 20 min away from restaurants which in a large city isn't that awful, but in the mountains, I think we will get to our home after a long day and want to just stay and hang out there. We anticipate at times, we will have a crowd and other times, just DH and me. We are definitely using induction, as besides electricity, our only other fuel source is propane. I was wanting to put the new 36" M series single oven under the 36" induction and place the steam oven next to it under counter. It turns out the 36" single oven won't be out till 3rd quarter 2015 and my husband isn't crazy about placing the oven under the counter, so we are probably going back to a single wall oven and steam oven on top of that. I think the M series 30" ovens are due out in December 14.

So my last question, is if you were a Wolf fan and didn't want to spend the money, what other brand would you consider? Electrolux??

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Well, I chose Wolf as I bake a lot and we too live waay out in the mountains (more like an hour to a restaurant), I want a good good/great quality product that's reliable, is a proven performer and has good customer service. For the oven if hadn't gotten a Wolf I think I might have leaned toward E-lux as from what I've read and seen they seem like a great option. We have a 36" Bluestar range so the wall oven is my electric 'baking' oven, not really 'needed'. Fortunately we live in gas country and have a couple lines across our property and negotiated a 'farm tap' with the gas company, 2 miles either way down the hwy and no gas. We cook probably 95% of our meals, good appliances are important. Being that we're relatively remote I wanted stuff I could either work on myself (BS) or be able to trust in the quality and service (Wold/SZ fridge). $$ was important but wasn't going to keep me from outfitting the cooking space with the appliances I really wanted. There are 2 adults and 5 yo twins full time in the house, probably once a month we have between 4 and 6 more.

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I have the Wolf 36 inch induction and a Wolf E series oven.
I know a lot of GWebbers had problems with the porcelain in the oven - so far, I am OK (2+ years)

I bake, roast, cook pizza, etc in the oven. We eat most meals at home unless traveling (except for Friday night - DHs night to cook, so he takes me out)

My 36 inch induction is great. It does take time to get used to because medium on one burner is different than medium on another burner (ask for the breakdown of burner intensity)

It does make some noise - but, interesting, it took me 2 years to figure out the LEDs intensify the noise. Also, some pans make more noise than others - multiply pans tend to be the noisiest - but in reality, once the fan is running, I barely hear the noise.

I like the burner set up on the Wolf - some prefer the big burner in the front or middle - but it works for me. - It is a mega burner with lots of watts! Other burners just simmer away perfectly.

One positive and negative - the circles for the burners are almost transparent, so it looks nice - but you do have to look to be sure the pan is really centered on the burner.

There is no bridge unit and I have not tried bridging - I would like to see the wiring diagram before attempting this trick.

Also - something fun - Since there are 4 sensors in each burner - I have put 2 small pots on one hob. It worked! - I probably won't ever really need to do this - but it was fun to try.

One thing to watch - Wolf induction requires about 6 inches of clearance under the cooktop - so not sure if best to put an oven underneath.

My other appliances are eclectic - GE speed oven, re-use relatively new Miele DW, and an Elux FD fridge.

Good luck on your decision.

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Don't know where you are, but given installation and service availability, Gaggenau should be price competitive and much higher quality.

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Gaggenau is not "price competitive" anywhere. Higher quality I'll give you that. Since it seems like the majority of Wolf electric oven owners here have had an enamel issue, I would be careful buying Wolf. The M series does look very nice, the first M models are scheduled for release this December, though they could very well push that date back yet again. All we know about Wolf's new ovens re: the porcelain problem is that they'll have removable bottoms. That should help, but we don't know if that will be a complete solution.The new version of the E series (that has the removable bottom) has been released, so if you want must have Wolf and you need it now, I'd order that over the L series.

It seems that the general consensus of the Gardenweb community is that there are two real standout ovens on the market right now. Gaggenau if you want the absolute best, and Electrolux if you want an excellent oven at an excellent price (better than many ovens that are more expensive than it is). That's not to say those are the ONLY good ovens you can buy now, but the other brands seem to have one of the following issues that prevent their recommendation:

-They have a problem we know is not fixed (Wolf)

-They have had problems in the past and we don't know whether they are fixed or not (Miele, Fisher Paykel/DCS, Dacor, Thermador, KitchenAid)

-They refreshed their line recently and we don't have enough information to make any conclusions about performance and reliability (Bosch, GE, JennAir)

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The wife and I have purchased Wolf appliances and are awaiting delivery (range top, steam oven and E Series oven). We considered putting the steam oven below the countertop but are not going to do that. I don't understand why the controls are on the front of any unit designed to be put below the countertop and are small. That goes for microwaves too. A range is different since the controls are bigger. I could see myself kneeling down to use these appliances and that didn't appeal at all.

The M series coming out late this year has a different type of convection and I can't imagine that amounts to much since Wolf seems to have one of the best convection ovens out there. I think the M series may have some sort of wifi connect ability feature and that doesn't appeal to us either. Seems silly for an oven and I can't see it being very commonly used by most owners.

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Good luck, hopefully you won't have the enamel issues! Even though it seems like the majority of Gardenweb posters do there are some who don't. I've heard that you can reduce the chances of the oven liner failing by doing the break in procedure recommended in the manual.

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Hvtech I guess you know the prices everywhere but where I live. I found that dealers were willing to talk about Gaggenau prices but wouldn't move on Wolf's MSRP. Bought the Gagg for less than the Wolf.

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Wow, that surprises me. Was it a floor model or something? When I locally checked last the only Gaggenau oven prices that even came close to Wolf were floor models. I shouldn't have said "anywhere" but I just assumed it since other people I talked to in different parts of the country had similar experiences than me. And on this forum, Gaggenau is often talked about as being more expensive than Wolf brand new.

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We have the Wolf L Series double wall ovens, combi steam oven and range top. We love them all; so far no enamel issues (fingers crossed) after one year. We bake pizza, a lot.
We installed the combi steam under the counter which works for us. We just stand to the side when opening it.

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