DIY Miele Dishwasher Repair

geoffrey_bJune 17, 2014

We had a 'water intake' problem - Miele tech support trouble shooted it, and suggest I replace a component.

I was worried about pulling the DW, etc. Here's how it went:

First check to see if you have any water in the DW - a little in the sump is OK. If you have standing water - hold the start/stop button for a few seconds - this will cancel the current program. Select the rinse & hold, start the cycle - it will pump the water out. After about 15 seconds cancel - by holding the start/stop.

I was concerned that pulling the DW would be a PITA - it's not.

Don't disconnect anything, I did shut off power at the breaker, and removed the bottom rack. If your DW is screwed in along the sides remove the screws. Pull the unit out, on to a piece of cardboard. The power / water / drain lines are long enough - they don't need disconnecting. Spread out about 4 bath towels. Gently lay the unit on it's side. I'd guess the towels absorbed about 2 - 3 cups of water at the most.

The bottom cover plate is held on by four screws. Remove them, and you'll have complete access to the 'guts' of the unit. Replacing parts are straight forward.

The only tool I used was a combination screwdriver.

All in all it took me about 90 minutes for the entire repair.

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May I ask what part(s) you had to replace?
We are looking at a possible circulation pump replacement on our 12 year old Novotronic and would prefer to DIY. Not sure yet as we have a few more things to test before we go down that spendy route.

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We had fault code F08. I replaced a diaphram switch - I believe it was the 'heater level switch' - about $80.

Did you read the fault code? Miele tech support was great about diagnosing the problem.

I figure it would be $300 - $400 to get someone out to fix it. DIY makes sense if you feel confident!

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rima_wa do you need a service manual?

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