Paint only backsplash - no tile?

tartanhabitJune 18, 2012

We are having trouble with deciding on a backsplash or at least the idea of tiling behind the vanity - it's such a strange space and would involve going up the wall and over a door frame which seems weird (maybe not?)

So, we are thinking of having no tile, just a good quality appropriate paint. Has anyone done this? If so, has the paint held up?

Here is a link that might be useful: This is the vanity we have chosen

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I think that vanities without some sort of backspash look unfinished. What are you doing for your counter? Can you do that on the wall for about 4 inches? Or a mirror?

That said, here is a beautiful bathroom without a backsplash:

Traditional Bathroom design by Toronto Interior Designer Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design)

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Annie Deighnaugh

You can make a short backsplash matching the counter, or you can get a tile that has a cove to end it up aways....maybe to the mirror or as far as you want. Or you could use a small mosaic and taper it back in various ways to create an interesting edge.

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Thanks for your responses. We are not having a countertop - the vanity we have chosen is this one although the one in the picture is size up from what we will end up with. Good point about it maybe looking unfinished though. I like how this looks in the picture but just wondered if it was really practical.

The tile we want to use in the rest of the bathroom is porcelain and doesn't come in bullnose - it has an unfinished edge so wouldn't look right either if we went half way up to the mirror.

Modern Bathroom Vanities And Sink Consoles design by Fixture Universe

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Well, I think it looks great in the photo above. It doesn't look unfinished to me at all. And it isn't like a kitchen where you're splashing who knows what around. Especially as this looks to be a bathroom for adults, I think you'd be able to wipe any errant soap bubbles or whatever off the wall if you used decent quality paint. I'm really looking forward to seeing pix of your finished room!

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Yes, that's a very clean line and doesn't look unfinished. If you're concerned and it's an option, could you have the mirror start right there?

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oh, interesting idea Shellking! I've seen photos of mirrors that come down to meet the vanity. Might be tricky to keep clean though.

Thanks for the input!

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Annie Deighnaugh

in my experience, baths do get splattered with toothpaste and mouthwash and shampoo and soap and cleaning products so I would want some kind of splash.

Note that in the first pic i posted, the tile didn't come in a cove but there was a coordinating chair rail to finish the edge. They also make tile that is quarter round that may come in a matching color.

Putting the mirror to the vanity top is also an option and while it will double the spots, it will be easy to clean.

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First - a what a wonderful sink you have chosen! I agree with others, that with that more contemporary look, not having a backsplash would be fine. It does not look unfinished. (Take a look at bathrooms on Houzz, for example, and you'll see many examples of what you are considering.)

In practice, we did just what you are contemplating in our guest bathroom -- which is the only bathroom downstairs, so it gets used a lot, by ourselves as well as by guests -- not to mention the parade of construction guys who've been here off and on as we've remodeled the house. We used a high quality paint in semi-gloss. It's been five or six years and we have not had a problem.

So, in our current bathroom remodel, though we purchased tile that we liked, we've decided to just leave the back splash painted because that look keeps the focus on the unusual sink and, in our humble opinion, is a better look.

We did, however, run a bead of silicone caulk between the edge of the sink and the wall to catch any drips so that the back of the vanity wouldn't get wet.

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Thin, white piece of something like corian 3-4 inches tall might be one way to go. If you have teeth brushing at the sink, I don't see how the paint will hold up.

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Kashmi, thank you for relaying your experiences. A good quality paint will be a must if we do go this route.

Hags00 - yes, the showroom where we are purchasing this from mentioned something like putting a small strip of cesarstone or something on the back.

If this wasn't for the fact that we have a door immediately to the left of where this would be installed I could be ok with tile but I think it may look weird going up and over the door frame. And the tile we have chosen for elsewhere in the bathroom does not come in bullnose so going half way up to the mirror is not an option.

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