A couple of things I made for Halloween

christmascandyOctober 25, 2013

I found this cute witch gift bag and a frame at GdWl.
.67c and $1.69 respectively.

I cut up the bag and framed it in the frame:

I also found a wooden headboard at Habitat for $5.

Some paint, a crow I already had, also a small wooden sign I already had and here it is...

I have lots of Halloween d�cor that I will post later.

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Candy, when I seen the witch picture I adored it. Great job btw. But your headboard sign is the bomb, gf. I love everything you did to this!!! You rock big time on this one.


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I love them both, especially the second one. So creepy and perfect! It's the kind of thing that makes you go "Hey, why didn't I come up with something like this" :)
Good thinking.

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Candy, i love the framed witch she is so cute!!
Fantastic use of the headboard.
I'm sure you will have lots of guests staying at Coven Tree Inn!

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Very nice use of an old headboard. Clever.
I can see one in red, white, and green for Christmas.

The North Pole Hotel.

Why Coven Tree? Named after the book?


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Great ideas Candy on both!
The headboard sign takes the prize!

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Thanks everyone.

OA, I wanted a picture in the middle and I found this picture of the cool tree on a website. I tried to print it, but it only printed part of it, so part of the tree is mod-podged on, and part of it is painted by me.
Since I was using the picture of a tree, I wanted something pertaining to a tree.

I have seen inns with the name Coventry, so I "Halloweened" it and separated it into 2 words. It is kind of a pun as groups of witches are covens, and it is a tree.

I hope that makes sense. LOL

Sometimes I think I explain something clearly and people just look at me like "huh?"

I didn't know there was a book by that title, so I wasn't trying to plagiarize anything.

I like the idea of the North Pole Hotel.

Maybe I could make it 2 sided?
One side Halloween, the other side North Pole Hotel.

Although, I think NPH should have candy cane striped posts, and that would be a bit difficult with the current black ones that I have now, LOL

HMMMM, gonna have to think on that one.


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Wow, candy...turning the headboard into an Inn sign is genius! Did you print the letters & then paint them? You are so smart, girl! Love it! & that cute lil' witch is just darling!

I'm still working on decor & posted a little tonight. Love Fall! ~~Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I hand drew the letters and then used a Sharpie to
fill them in.

I was actually looking for a post when I went to Habitat as I had seen a cool looking one on Pinterest, "The Miller's Dead and Breakfast."

I did not find the post, but saw the headboard and decided to use it instead. :)

Thanks again,

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Yes, candy ...that's the one I think Old Algebra shared with us one time...I have it saved in my 'futures file' ... ;-) Cool! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Oh my gosh Candy....these are AWESOME! How cute is your picture...using a gift bag was a really clever idea! And your "Dead and Breakfast" sign is just TOO COOL! That's one of those "now why didn't I think of that?" ideas.....LOVE it!

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The "coven" thing makes perfect sense. I think I may have heard about a group of witches being called a coven, but had long since forgotten about it. Now I think your choice of inn names is even MORE clever.

I still have that picture that Jeanne shared PLUS an old porch post, but I've never gotten off my rear to get it made. Your description of how you did the lettering may get me going, as truthfully, that's what I think was holding me back., You've given me a little push. Now, who can I get to crawl up into the garage rafters to get down the post?

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Loved the way you framed the little gift bag picture. So great you found the perfect frame for it. But I am just blown away at your sign. Love the picture you used, but really really impressed at your great lettering. That turned out just fantastic. Luvs

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Well, I'm a real party poop when it comes to Halloween (not near any children), but when I see what you gals can do, I perk right up. Thanks for sharing all you artists out there. Pink

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I don't normally post over here, but am looking for some new Christmas ideas. Wanted to share these Halloween rattles my sister made. Aren't they cute?

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I'm crazy about these. They look like a lot of work.
Did she glue on the face parts? Beans inside? More, more. I want more "how to" clues.

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4" hollow paper mache eggs and spheres from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, painted with craft paint. The only things glued on are the ears on the cat heads. Everything else is painted. Beans inside to make them rattle. They are attached to dowels, which are wrapped in jute string or ribbon. I had three in a tall, skinny vase filled with popcorn kernels - made for a very cute decoration.

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I LOVE the witch and the sign!! Especially the sign. And Kimberly, the rattles are a great idea. I'm saving it for next year.

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Me too. Thanks for the materials list, Kim.

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Candy, you just keep amazing me....and impressing me....and if I didn't love you Girlfriend, I'd have to hate you. No one should have THAT much talent. LOL. You always come up with the neatest ideas and decorations.

There is nothing I can add about the headboard sign that the others haven't already said. I will put it in our Halloween inspiration album for sure.
Your little witch girl picture is darling.

Kimberly, if you're checking back here....I'm going to post two links for Christmas ideas soon. We have a huge album on Photobucket of them, some done by the gals here and some from my web searching over the years. I also have one set up on Pinterest with new ideas and pretty things.

hugs, Karen

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