Temporary Top For Shower Curb??

jaidogJune 13, 2012

Our shower is almost finished, but the rest of the bathroom won't be attacked for a couple of years. Our long-term plan is to install a solid piece of granite on the top portion of our shower curb. But, we don't want to do this until granite tops are picked out for the sinks which will be in a couple of years.

In the meantime, what could we install as the top portion of the shower curb? And, how would we attach this to the curb? I would like the material to be inexpensive and easily removable so as not to damage the curb at time of removal. Any ideas?

Below is a photo showing a piece of solid material on top of a curb. By the way, we will not have a door or glass on top of the curb -- it is a doorless shower.

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A piece of marble is not outrageous. How about buying one (or two shorter ones) off-the-shelf and installing it (set it in thinset for safety), then caulk the edges? Tilt it inward a bit when you set it.

Or maybe go to a tile shop and ask for one that's damaged or discontinued for a cheaper price.

Or paint it with Mapei aquadefense and leave it alone.

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My concern with a piece of stone adhered with thinset is that the removal of the stone in the future will cause some damage.

I like the idea of a waterproofing membrane. I have some leftover Hydroban. Not sure if it will work as a waterproofing barrier for a couple of years without any tile on top of it. I will contact Laticrete to find out.

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one thing about the Hydroban-- if, when pulling the temporary curb, you damage the memnbrane, you can paint some more hydroban on it, and you're just as good as new.

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Any thoughts on whether Hydroban left exposed on the top of the curb will work for a couple of years?

If exposed Hydroban won't work, could I get away with installing a cheap solid piece using silicone or something like silicone that would make removal easier? More than pulling off the hydroban, I'm worried that large chunks of thinset and maybe even the vertical portions of the curb I want to keep will come out at the time of removal.

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