Printer difficulties.

ronalawn82January 22, 2014

I have a Lexmark⢠Pro 205 printer connected (wirelessly) to a Dell⢠Inspiron desktop computer.
The Lexmark⢠stopped printing but continues to copy.
I re-installed the Lexmark⢠but the test page would not print.
It shows, "Printer cannot communicate with the computer".
In the control panel section of the computer, it shows, "Printer has been successfully installed".
Any idea of the problem and/or solution?

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PKponder TX

There should be a network setup wizard on the printer. Run that again.

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pkponder, I did as you said.
Now when the desktop is switched on, the printer is "awakened".
The "Control Panel" indicates that the printer is installed.
When I sent a "Word" document to print, the printer went through its routine and produced a blank page.
Copying still works fine.
I will make some time this weekend to work on it some more.
Thank you for your response.

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PKponder TX

I briefly Googled the model number and error. May be easily resolved by reinstalling the printer on the computer that's throwing the error. Just go to the website and get the most updated driver for your model, delete the printer from your printers and faxes or printers and devices folder and start the install. Follow along with the prompts until it completes and ask for the test page at the end. You'll need to use a USB cable temporarily to complete the install and then you can go wireless.

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pkponder, I tried doing as you suggested; and to my chagrin I cannot uninstall the program for the X5100 - the printer that I replaced years ago.
A test page is in queue apparently since 2011!
The message is displayed with all four USB ports free.
The display assures me that the program will uninstall as soon as the print job is completed.
Since I have no way of printing the test page, I am stuck.
What now? Something seems wrong in the computer itself.

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PKponder TX

I can help with that too.
I will assume that this is Win XP
Open a command prompt. Click Start and then Run, Type cmd and press Enter
confirm that you are at a prompt that reads C:...if you are at C:\Documents and Settings\your user simply need to type 'cd .' without the quotes, tap enter and repeat the step until you see only C:\
Type in cd system32 and press Enter
Type in cd spool and press Enter
Type in cd printers and press Enter
Now that you are in the correct directory, type the commands
net stop spooler and press Enter
del *.* and press Enter (there is a space between del and the first asterisk)
You will get a message asking that you Y for yes
Type net start spooler and press Enter and you are done

This will clear the local printer queue and should allow you to delete the printer.

Note***this command will work in Windows 7 or 8 also, but the path to find Run (and the command prompt) are slightly different.

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I believe with Windows 7 you simply tap the Start button then type cmd - this will appear immediately above the start button, hit Enter

Windows 8, be on the start page and type cmd - you will see it in the top left corner, click on it. Done.

Either way, once done follow the rest of Pam's suggestions.

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pkponder, I have to print your response (from another computer, of course) and follow your instructions from that.
Many thanks to you and owbist.

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PKponder TX

How's it going Ron? I work full time and try to check in at least once a day in case you get stuck or have questions.


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Hello Pam, I hope that you will yet check today - because the news is all good. I followed your instructions but had to 'deep clean' the printer head before the test page printed faithfully. I just now finished.
My problems with digital hardware and software are all 'operator related'. There was one single case of 'equipment failure' - the fuse on the power supply cord of my GPS went out.
Let me invite you and owbist to bring your plant and gardening questions over to the plant forums.
And once again, thank you both for your time and attention.

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PKponder TX

Great news! I love my Texas Gardening forum :-)

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