Question for Bluestar owners....?

MillroadJune 23, 2013

Have any of you who have this range found that it is.... too much? 22,000 BTU burners not getting used? Too much heat in the kitchen? Overpowered? Overwhelming? More than you need? Wouldn't buy it again?

Thanks for any input....

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Love this range. I use the 22k burners all the time, except when I need a simmer. The 22k on low is like a regular burner on a non- pro style range. I almost don't see a reason for the 15k burner. I have only one of these 15k burners because I have four burners and a grill. If I were getting six burners I would opt for extra 22k burners to have the flexibility, for example, to boil water faster on a back burner.

Cooking has never been so much fun.

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I agree with NYC. The 22k really does it all. If its too much on full blast, just turn it down a bit. It's just nice to know you can crank up the heat when you need it.

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Agreeing with others, the 22k's get used the most, and then the 9k, the 15 is my least used. But honestly, I find myself using the griddle more than any of the burners...

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What do you all use the griddle for?

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Well, I guess the question should be what haven't I cooked on the griddle? Chances are, if it can be cooked in a skillet or on a grill, in the four months that I've had my Bluestar I've probably cooked it on the griddle. Like a short order chef in a diner, It's been fun to throw just about anything on there, usually with great results!

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I too love my griddle. Like mentioned above I use it all the time for a lot of different foods. I am a 'short order' b-fast cook on weekend mornings, that in itself would probably be enough but I use it at least every other day for something.
22k too much? Not hardly. Since I've been using it I find most of the time when using the 22k's I've got them on hi. I've not had veggies taste as good on lower heat and searing steaks in CI is awesome! My cooking has been x-formed by my new range and will only improve the more I use it. Just make sure your venting is up to it, I'm amazed at how much 'stuff' gets sucked up into the baffles (1200 cfm).

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After 18 months we still love our Bluestar rangetop as much as ever. My husband is never as happy as when he has all six burners cooking away.

Don't forget that a wok fits nicely in the well when you remove the grate--good, hot, direct heat.

The occasional spill of something thick, such as tomato sauce, sometimes clogs the gas holes but a toothpick cleans this quickly and easily.

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