What % of total cost is 'dried in?'

lbcbuildingMay 1, 2007

I'm just wondering how we are doing on costs (and yes, I know there is lots of variation...). We are about framed in, and have firm bids lined up for the rest of the "dried in" part (by that I mean roof on, exterior sided/bricked/trimmed, windows in, exterior doors), so I have a pretty good handle on exactly what we will have spent to get to that point. Would anyone be willing to share what % of their total (budget or actual) that portion of the build was? (excluding land, driveway, landscaping...). Thanks so much!!!!!

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Here is the breakdown used by the appraisal firm reporting to the National Bank of Canada:

TRADE: % completion

1. Foundation & Backfill 13

2. Beam, Post, Joist, Subfloor 6

3. Framing, Sheathing, Roof 13

4. Doors & Windows 5

5. Brick, Stucco Siding 11

6. Rough Electrical 2

7. Rough Plumbing 3

8. Heating, Ducts or Pipes 2

9. Insulation 2

  1. Basement Floor 3

  2. Heating Equipment 7

  3. Lath, Plaster, Drywall 7

  4. Finished Floor 3

  5. Finished Electrical 1

  6. Finished Plumbing 4

  7. Finished Carpentry 11

  8. Painting 5

  9. Landscaping, Walks, Driveway 2

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for us it was about 50%, but this is something that will be determined by what you put in your house. You can easily spend two or three times the dried-in price finishing the inside. Things like all hardwood or exotic wood trim, cabinets etc, granite marble, wall finish, ceiling finish, etc. can take an interior from say $15 sq.ft. to who knows where, $100 or more per sq.ft. In other words it's really hard to say.

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Looks like two data points coming in around 50%. Anyone else willing to chime in with actuals or projections?

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I'm still getting bids but looks like it will be about 50%.

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Our total cost should be just under $200,000 when we're done...and we are just finishing the "dry" part of our build and I think we've spent $60-80 thousand.

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we will pay 10% at signing; 10% when footings are poured; 40% when dried in; and remaining 40% (plus any extras) on move-in

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Here is a recent blog entry about construction cost. Be sure to see the link to in the NAHB 2004 survey. While prices may have increased since 2004, this should be a good indicator of what to expect for cost on each phase of construction.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calculating Construction Costs

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