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chriscaldJune 29, 2012

hi - am doing my master bath (thank God, I hate what is there now)- right now the vanity (30inches) is next to the toilet. I am thinking of moving it next to shower (pic attached) just nervous that it will be a pain to turn the shower on and not give me enough room. any suggestions.

if you looking at the (ugly) picture - the toilet will go where the cabinet is on the right side of the room.

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If you keep the shower configured the same way and put shower doors back in, it will be a little more difficult to reach in to turn the shower on. We had that set up, but when we remodeled recently we put in a double curved shower curtain rod instead of doors (I hated them, never got them clean enough). Now, even with an elongated toilet it's not much of an issue.

Problem due to doors:

Much better access with curtain, even with longer toilet:

I wish I had one with the curtain open a bit, but you get the point.

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Do u have a tub? I thought about not replacing doors and using a curtain but am afraid with shower water will leak out.

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I think it would be fine. Your shower doesn't go all the way to the wall where the toilet will be like williamsem does, so you have about a foot of extra space. That would probably give you enough space to turn on the shower without problems.

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I do have a tub. If you are staying with a shower only, not sure how that would work with a curtain, are there some that have a few inches of wall? I would imagine as little as 6 inches may work, if you put the curtain bar at a height that allows the liner to almost meet the floor.

I'll steel some advice from Kitchens: put up a cardboard box in the bathroom the size of a toilet (well, a piece to put in front of the cabinet to make it overall the right size) and live with it for a few days. If you end up doing shower yoga to get to the faucet like I used to do, then probably will get annoying pretty fast.

Another answer might be the slope of the shower base and type of drain. I know I have used showers stalls with curtains that weren't even full length that didn't splash out, but it was a while back before I was paying attention to such details.

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