Island trim / backguard - necessary?

roanjohnJune 8, 2012

I am about ready to purchase the Verona 36 inch gas range - but the Island trim/Backguard will make it too high and will cover a light switch. Can I opt to not install it and just keep the back low?

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I don't know specifically about that range, but generally the island trim is only a few inches high and is where the oven vents out of. You need to check with Verona about whether it is required or not. By the way, having a light switch directly behind the range sounds like a really bad idea.

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.........was thinking about that. But my significant other "INSISTED" on having it there for easy access because it is right next to the doorway leading to the porch! ARGGHH!

I saw the installation manual for the range and the back has grills (for venting) before the trim is installed - so I'm thinking it is more decorative.

Link below on range:

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OK - I looked at the installation manual and you have two options - the backguard which is 8" high (that's what's shown in the picture on the AJ Madison web page), and the island trim which is only 3" high. Obviously in your case, you'd want the island trim not the backguard. The web page says island trim optional - which probably means that it has to be ordered as an extra.

By the way, you really should check your local building code about putting the light switch there. Despite what you SO wants, it may well be against code.

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fyi - figures 1.8 and 1.9 show how to install the backguard and the island trim and states that installing one or the other is mandatory.

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Hello. RangeGalNY here direct from EuroChef USA.
The 8" backguard is required if installing the range against a combustible wall.
If you have additional questions give our team a call at 866.844.6566
Good luck!
-EuroChef USA

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I would caution against purchasing a Verona. They do not appear to stand behind their products.

See the review here too

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