Nice store tour of Halloween decor

luvstocraftOctober 3, 2010

This blogger did a nice picture tour of the Tai Pan Trading store here in So. Calif.

I've mentioned how much I love going here to look at all their seasonal displays and to get ideas--this bloger obviously feels the same way.

They really go all out with huge displays like the pirate one in her pictures. I may have mentioned how much I loved one they did with a very life like huge spooky tree and a little house with a witch standing next to it. I think I went back by to look at it at least three times! LOL

They are kind of pricey, but sometimes have some really cute things for under $10, and some good sale prices too.

Hope you enjoy looking.


Here is a link that might be useful: Store Halloween tour

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It looks a little pricier than Cmas Tree Shops. Kim mentioned on my blog how she loved my spider cupcake holder I got for 4.99!
I would like to look through though!

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What fun to cyber browse there. I'd like to see that shop in person. I liked the big witch boot in the first photo,
and my other favorite thing was the pretty black and white Halloween signs with the spider webs!
I'm not into the scary stuff as you know.

Its interesting that not only purple and green, but black and white, is really 'hot' this year in decorating. Sure makes me happy with those colors too!

Thanks for sharing, and I enjoy Kim's blog. Just reading her profile on the side always makes me grin. She sounds too much like me!

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I would love to visit one of these stores!
Years ago my DM would call it 'Window Shopping'..
If not to buy...just to see it all and
get ideas.
There seems to be so many fabulous things in there.
TFS - Luvs


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Kind of like walking thru Menards "Winter Wonderland" during the Christmas season! Love window shopping, too! TFS, luvs! Jeanne S.

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I loved reading through her blog. She has such a wonderful sense of humor . . . not to mention, a great eye for decorating! Gosh would I love to shop at that store! So many fun decs! I really like how she's layered the picture frame in front of the mirror on her mantel and then added the wreath to it.
Thanks for the link, Luvs! I'm adding Kim to my favorite blogs list. I like that girl!

BTW, yesterday DD told me that I have Autumn decorating all wrong. That October should be for Halloween decs only and the Autumn decs should go up from November 1st through Thanksgiving. I may try it her way this year, since I'm already dreaming about Halloween ;^D

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Glad you enjoyed seeing her blog, she takes much better pics than I could!

Lynn, I used to put up Fall decs in September, then add Halloween in October, then back to just Fall for November. This year I started later, so just Halloween this month then add in more Fall for November. I think it was just too hot in Sept. this year to think about decorating for Fall, plus I get a bit tired of it when it's up too long. Have fun with your decorating.

Karen, I was disappointed when I went to this store because there were no tablescapes this year for Halloween, guess they just did them for Fall which I didn't go in time to see. I really liked the black/white signs and things too. If I were into "scary", I'd have wanted a glittered skeleton too! LOL

I like the way Kim writes too, and like you Karen, her introduction always cracks me up too!


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Lynn, I always did it the "right way" according to your DD.
But last year I tried it different by putting Fall decorations out the first day of Fall in Sept. Then after the first week of Oct I added in my Halloween stuff, and Nov 1st the turkey themed-Thanksgiving look came in. I really like seeing the Fall colors for a couple of weeks and did it again this year. (we are always hot in Sept, but a heat wave had attacked us this year and it was worse than normal.
Being surrounded inside by Fall was a good thing! LOL

I'm going to get out my Halloween decos this week and see what I can do, since I now find myself overloaded with the Fall stuff and may have to put some away. :o(

hugs, Karen

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