A Ghastly Gathering

maximavswifeOctober 16, 2011

DH & I hosted a dinner party last night with one of our favorite couples.

It was just delightful!

Please come by and take a closer look.


Here is a link that might be useful: A Ghastly Evening

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Sounds like you all had a ghoul time! LOL

The table looks "boo"tiful and the menu sounds finger lickin good.

As in "Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers??

NO, they eat the fingers separately!" LOL


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Candy~You cracked me up!!

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Oh, everything looks pretty darn gorey!
The RW&Blk theme for the table sure works for this holiday!

That candlebra just spooks me ... w/blood & spiders galore! Ewwwk! And the bowls w/finger foods...ewwwww!

Your side table/buffet looks so good in your new room ...even w/all that skull stuff...love the pop of purple, too! TFS, maxi & looks like you all had a great evening of terror! Jeanne S.

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I'd love to have heard your friends' reaction! What a fun,
and ghoul-y evening. I bet everyone had a good time. (I'm so sorry I didn't make the party but my invitation must've gotten lost in the mail. LOL)

(Candy, you are a hoot with the finger food)
hugs, Karen

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Eerily Elegant, and scarily charming! Love it.
I'm glad those uninvited guests didn't spoil your evening!
Your new buffet is perfect for your dining room, Looks very ghoulish..Thanks for sharing your Ghastly Gathering, Kath.

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Bloody good, Kathe. I commented on your blog.

I loved the free poo post too, LOL!

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Looks like you hosted an 'Eat Drink & Get Scary Time'!
Lots of spooky stuff..especially those bloody candles...
Your decorations are great and so creative...
but I'm afraid your meal would have definitely sent me home 'hungry' !!
Sounds like it was great fun, and
I'm sure your friends had a 'Hell of a Time'!

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Kath, job well done for the guests you entertained. I can only imagine the fun all of you had with this set up. Love your table cloth. I can see a very elegant Halloween table setting using it with silver & black accents.


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Very creative, elegant, and gorey as well. What fun you must have had doing this. Love that tablecloth and your candles. Your table and new hutch are so pretty! Thanks for posting here for us so we didn't miss it. Luvs

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