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esteban_2009January 6, 2014

Hi folks, hope you all had good holidays. I did, but, I am glad it's over.
I have a new question with few descriptions. I received a short note from a friend yesterday, the message came in three times with the same time stamp. I responded to let her know what I received. Her response was "Steve, I have Windows Defender turned on, It can't be a virus". Her response came in as normal (only one copy). All I know about her setup is she is using Win-7 or 8.
My operating system is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, with Firefox as a browser and Thunderbird mail. With the sketchy information I have provided, can any of you tell me if the problem is on her computer or mine.
Once again, thanks.

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This may be due to a failure of confirmation that the email was already delivered, somewhere in the email delivery process. This may be at any point between the first sending from your computer, or the final delivery on the server. I don't think I'd worry unless it's occurring all the time.

You can Google duplicate E -Mail and see if that sheds any light.

duplicate e mail --yahoo

'' ' ' --- G mail


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Hi Zep,
Thanks for the helpful reply.
It has happened only one time. Like you suggest, I will disregard it.

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