Maxim Lighting or Lowes, Home Deopt. etc.....

ddc5151May 2, 2012

Need some help trying to figure out what I should do in picking out lighting. Maxim Lighting is closer to our budget than some of the higher grade lighting. So we have everything picked out from Maxim Lighting. We have seen some lights we like better in Lowes & Home Depot and could save some money but not sure of quality. Should I stay with Maxim on all or split it up and get the stuff we like from Lowes & Home Depot.

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Get what you like, and what looks the best in your space. In our current house we have a mix of builder grade lights (progress), home depot, lowes, and high end lights (Hinkley, Hubberton Forge). The only one who knows the difference will be you. We got our Master Bathroom light at Home Depot, it was on clearance, marked 100.00, got to the register, and it was only 10.00. You never could tell by looking at it.

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Ditto. I have some very high end and some lower end and some super cheap ones - and one of my favorites is the super cheap for the wine room. I have seen many of the Home Depot lights online for higher prices - sure the same thing is true with Lowe's. I don't know about you but I have never had a problem with a light fixture, and we replaced all the ones in this house. Cheap ones work as well as expensive ones, so pick the ones you like that look the best.

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