Halloween Finds and crafts

christmascandyOctober 21, 2011

I found this cute little wooden witch at the TS today. The arm holding the cat swivels.

At the same TS I found this golf ball Jack O'Lantern. It is battery operated and lights up. There was no second thought about buying it!! LOL

Same store, Witch's Shopping List:

The PURPLE glitter broom was 50% off at Michaels as was the purple glitter ribbon. I was intending to paint a small sign saying "the Witch is in" but at the TS, I found the wooden witch hat that said "The Witch Is" so I cut out some foam letters and added the purple glitter ribbon to the top for "IN" and glued it onto the hat. Then I wrapped the handle of the broom with the glitter ribbon, added purple glitter ribbon to the black bow that was origially on the broom and hung it on the broom handle.

The little gray chair was my mother's when she was little.

I had been intending to paint it, but decided it was perfect as is for my most recent brainstorm!!

I painted the sit for a spell sign, tied it to the chair with black yarn, wired a DT crow to the top, added some dried moss, a TS owl, TS cauldron votive, made the SPELLS cover for a little book, and found the little witch figure at the TS today. Then I added orange berries from my Hawthorn tree and some silk flowers and leaves, and a few spider-rings and some spider web. Nothing is attached to the chair permanently, as I didn't want to ruin it.

A close up:

So, I scored some great finds at the TS and made a couple of decorations to boot.



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candy ...that is just so 'darling'the way you fixed up your Mom's childhood chair! Just last week on an old chair at a specialty shop, someone had painted that 'saying' on the seat...thought it was so cute!
Your book cover is beautiful ... & you've added just the right amt of accessories for Halloween season! Love the Hawthorn berries, too!

You found some really cute 'woodsy' bargains! And that golf ball ...never have seen one...meant to be! Now that purple broom ... oh my, I'm thinking it may be so glittery that someone from the Harry Potter gang may swipe it for a game of 'quidditch!' LOL!

You've certainly created some winners here w/your bargain $$$! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Candy, your little witch is darling. The lighted golf ball ornament is a wonderful find 4 u! Looks like y have a golf ball tree behind your momma's sweet little chair just waiting for it.

Cute witch's shopping list sign! Love the #'s to dot the i's on it. Your broom and the hat are perfect together. Great job on this one girlfriend. I have a broom from Target that is real close to that. Guess it needs something hanging from it to help out. Thanks for the nudge on this one.

So glad you still have your DM's little chair and it's beautiful all decorated. Do you ever wonder why we keep what we do? Seems like being here, everything has a purpose!

Enjoyed seeing all your need finds.


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Needless to say, that Golfball Jack had your name all over him! I'd love to have seen your face when you spied that piece! LOL.
ALL your finds are so cute. What you did with the PURPLE broom is terrific. Of course the best thing was how you decorated your Mom's little chair! I hope you use it in other holiday decorating, I think its perfect for that.

hugs, Karen

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Candy..such great finds!
I agree that the Golfball Jack was meant for you.
Cute items you found...but the BEST is your Mom's
chair! I love how you painted that little saying and
how you decorated it. It's so prescious. I'm glad you left the original paint as is...it's perfect!

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Great finds and so perfect for you - loved how you decorated the chair - TFS .....


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Jeanne, Thanks, I was less worried about a Quidditch player than someone (PM) on here who is known for her love of purple, LOL.

Punk, you are so right. The sign I painted for the chair is one I took off of a TS wreath several yrs ago and knew I would "need" it someday!!

Jane, I'm glad I hadn't gotten around to painting it before my light bulb moment!!

Karen, the gray just seemed perfect for the holiday. It would also be the right size for Teegan, LOL.

Lynne, thank you, I couldn't believe I found a GOLF BALL JACK O'LANTERN!!! As the others said, it was meant to be!!

Thanks again everybody,

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Marlene Kindred

Oh, I LOVE your little chair and the arrangement you did on it! Too cute! And the golf ball jack o'latern is just really cute too!

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I admit, I giggled when I saw the golf ball light. It's sooo you. lol
You always find such neat things when you shop.
I LOVE your Moms little chair. Such a neat thing to have of hers and obviously universal for decorating as well as keeping a "part" of her childhood.
You have such a knack for pulling things together. Color me green (as usual).

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