Needing to see a pic of a duplex....

phoggieMay 1, 2012

Just to add to my confusion...... I would like to know if anyone has a duplex with a rear view....and if so, I'd love for you to share it with me. 2/2 (or 3/2) with about 1400+ SF.

Thanks again, friends~~

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Phoggie- I responded on your other post...but do you really want to spend twice as much and have the worries of renting half of it out? The tenants, the possible damage, collecting the rent? I would look into this a great deal, before deciding to go anywhere near a duplex. My husband's friend has a similar situation and has had a terrible time with tenants, who won't pay rent...and won't leave. Find out what your state and county regulations are on this, too. Some make it almost impossible to evict someone, without waiting for months...and I don't think that's a situation you want or need.

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No, I would not be renting to a tenant! I am wanting to find someone who will pay to build their own part of the duplex. I do own the land, and will divide it when/if I have an interested party. It is in a HOA and it strictly has rules that every house/unit is OWNED by the person who is living there. I would never rent...that is too many problems!
Thanks for always being there for me~~

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