Help choosing between cabinet brands

tikatooJune 7, 2011

We are just starting our master bath renovation and I have to choose between Kraftmaid and Signature Omega cabinets. I like the look and feel of the Omega cabinets better than the Kraftmaid but really like the color of the Kraftmaid cabinet better.

The cost difference is $700.00 more for the Omegas. I have read bad reviews online calling Kraftmaid - crapmaid! And very few reviews on Omega. I really the color of the Kraftmaid and the feel/look of the Omega. Does anyone have any experience with quality of either of these companies cabinets?

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I have experience with both Kraftmaid(1 kitchen) and Omega
(2 bathrooms).Omega is Lexus and Kraftmaid is Chevrolet.So we would expect Omega to be better designed, better materials, better built, and be higher cost. As far as quality within their price points Omega was much better.

My experience with Kraftmaid. I selected Kraftmaid for a kitchen remodel because Kraftmaid finish and door style best matched some existing custom cabinets that I was not replacing.

With Kraftmaid you have to be your own Quality Control. By that I mean you have to inspect each piece for defects. The uniformity in finish was poor. In some cases panels and molding was poorly applied, hardware was missing, functioning was poor, etc. Both Home Depot and Kraftmaid were willing to correct all problems and quickly ship new when required.It appears that they were happy to operate in this mode. They did not even ask for the defective components or cabinets to be returned. When I requested a missing part they would send me a box full. I ended up with a very nice kitchen. So if you are willing to put up with this hassle you will end up with nice cabinets. This experience was about 6 years ago during the height of the building and remodeling frenzy so things may be better now.

With Omega, about 2 years ago, everything, including custom pieces, were delivered to my satisfaction.

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I'm really not that into hassles! There are already enough of them with this entire project! I really appreciate your definition of the Lexus and Chevy! That's a big help! Thank you so much for pointing out the difficultly you faced. I really liked the Omega product - just not the color. I may have to compromise. I guess I need to prioritize my needs/wants and think more about the overall look I want.

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I have Omega cabinets in my kitchen and girls' bathroom, and also planning them in the master bath at the moment. All cabinets have been as ordered with no problems, irregularities or boo-boos. Kitchen cabinets (maple) still work beautifully after seven years of hard work. Bathroom vanity has a painted finish which looks beautiful.

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If you're willing to spend the money on quality, and you don't care for the stain choices offered by Omega, why not look into having something custom made. That way you don't have to compromise aesthetics for quality. A lot of people in the forum have done this and have been very happy with the results. Some have even claimed it was less expensive for them.

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I had Omega do 2 doors for me and I was not happy with their finishes. I had Rutt do a sample door and it came out beautiful...price was slightly more, however, I was unwilling to compromise on the color. Rutt can custom any color for you along with customizing the cabinets.

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I'm not sure what 'custom' means. Do I have to find a carpenter who can make them to fit my space? I live in a pretty small city and there are not a lot of choices.
Finding a contractor to do the renovations was hard enough. I'm leaning more toward the Omega and reconsidering color choices. Again thanks for all the advice! I'm sure I'll be
back with many questions. I'll even try to post pictures!

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Custom means exactly that. Built to your specifications by a local cabinet maker. They aren't hard to find, most lumber yards have a list of cabinet builders in the area. Anything worth having and having right is worth the time and effort.

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i would definitely go with the better quality cabinet and rethink my color scheme---there are soooo many cool tiles and granites, etc out there in soooo many nice colors- might not be what you were first envisioning, but maybe you can find something you like just as well!

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FYI - Rutt is in a whole different league than KM & Omega !

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I thank you all. I did find a carpenter near by and will
see what he can do for us. My sister had Rutt and they were
beautiful but a bit beyond our budget. As for the color?
Well I have definitely changed that! No matter which way I
end up going the color will be changing! Thank you again for
your help.

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