A couple of my crafts and latest ts finds

luvstocraftOctober 18, 2009

Was playing around a bit today with some Halloween crafts so thought I'd share my two little projects with all of you. The wreath is just styrofoam from Dollar Tree with eyelash fringe yarn wrapped around and different sizes of googly eyes glued on. The little ghosts are felt pieces sewn together with a tootsie pop inside.

Found a little jar with acorns on it at the TS along with a cute pumpkin votive holder.



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Oh Luvs your wreath is just darling. Love all those eyes looking at us and your orange checkered bow is the best. Your so talented and always ready to try new things.

I'm surprised we haven't seen a tree to match Jane's from you.LOL I'd like one of those also. The little ghosts are cute. Do you plan to use them for trick or treaters or for GD? I'm sure the kids will love them.

Funny how you seem to be finding acorn things now that you've started collecting them. Cute canister and I'm sure you'll figure out where to display it.

The little pumpkin is cute and you found it in time for the holidays. Yeah!!!


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Luvs... I agree with Punk...what an adorable wreath. Those
'Watching You Eyes' are so cute, and the bow is a perfect touch!
I love those Ghosts, what a great idea. Punk's right the kids would love them. What a great project to do with them too. (I'm keeping that in mind).
I don't know what's happening here, you've become an 'Acorn Addict' along with Lynn! lol
Cute Canister...and little pumpkin.


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Where do you find the time to do and find such cute things? I've seen Tootsie Pops with muslin tied over them to make ghosts but never pinked felt ones like you've done. They'd be grand for trick-or-treaters. The wreath is neat and I love the bow. Is it going on the front door? I also love the pumpkin votive--I have a small collection of those. And the acorn jar. BTW, I think I have that same tablecloth!

- Magpie

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Luvs, I've told you that your painted projects always make me smile. Well, your wreath made me laugh out loud. It really is adorable. Love your other things too. - Gail

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Oh, I think the little leaf and acorn jar is precious. You got some good stuff, Luvs.

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Very cute and creative. Tootsie Pop Ghosts! Love it.
I bet you were grinning when you spied that acorn jar!
Good score.

hugs, Karen

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The wreath is so cute! How did you make it?

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Wreath is very cute, the eyes are a neat idea.

You also got some nice finds at the TS for your Thanksgiving, after we take down Halloween.

Me thinks you are in love with acorns this fall!!!

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Magpie, that tablecloth has "acorns" on it! Had to have it, and I'm really enjoying the colors in it this year too. I had thought of doing the ghosts for GD's class but then found out there are 32--that would be allot of sewing! I took some over for GD and her folks and will give some to "special" neighbor kids along with the other candy on Halloween night.

Punk, the acorn addiction is sort of funny--sort of like when you get a new car and suddenly you are noticing cars just like your's everywhere! LOL They are really catching my eye in everyone's decorations this year, so keep those pictures coming!

Jane, watch out--these "addictions" can be contagious! ;o) I'm still drooling over those nice big ones you have, especially the one with the squirrel. ;o)

Karen, you know I grabbed that jar the minute I saw the acorns--didn't know what I needed it for, but had to have it! LOL

Gail, I'm glad my little wreath made you laugh. I had originally seen a similar one made with a feather boa, but I just used what I had on hand for mine.

OA, how's your reno coming along? We're really missing all your tables and decos.

Yachter, you hit the nail on the head. My acorn addiction all started last year with the big silver ones Tam used in one of her tablescapes. Wish she would check in here again, I miss her even though I stop by her blog each week.

Properity, I only do "easy" crafts. The wreath is just a styrofoam one from Dollar Tree with about three yards of eyelash fringe yarn wrapped around it. I used some Halloween fabric I had on hand for the bow and a package of various sized googly eyes from Michaels or Dollar Tree. I'd like to find a few other kinds of eyes to go on it too.

Glad you all enjoyed my little bit of fun.


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Very cute Luvs! You have ruined me...I never noticed the acorns before..they were just a nuisance in the driveway!
NOW, I have to clean them all up because I can hear you fussing if we run over them!!

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Luvs, that wreath is just adorable. Where do I get that fringe??? The gkids would love it!
I love the lollipos covers too, how cute! I'd love to make them for my gkids for school...but with 4 little ones I would have had to start sewing during the summer!Wait, I just had an idea..going to try it, I'll let you know if it works!

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I love it all and will have to borrow your wreath idea - I think I have yarn I can use! The ghosties are cute and the kids will love them. Love your finds also, I'd have been unable to resist those.

Now if I could only quit looking at everyone's lovely things I might get something done! LOL

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Kathleen, I think hot glue or fabric glue might work just as well. And you could do orange pumpkins, black cats or bats, etc. too.

Not sure if Michael's has the eyelash yarn, but yarn specialty shops carry it. I got mine at TS where they had a bunch of the feather boas. Don't forget that the original one I saw was made with a feather boa.

Luckygal, I know what you mean, I love making things but find it hard to stay away from the computer and this forum too!

Jaybird, run over those gorgeous acorns???? No way! Better collect those and bring them inside to fill bowls, cloches, and scatter on your tabletops and mantles. You lucky gal! ;o)


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OMG, Luvs, that wreath is so darn cute . . . I love it! Your bow is just perfect with it, too. I'll bet this wreath could be made with one of those garbage bag wreaths, as well, although the eyelash fringe gives it that wonderful monster-y look. Love the rest of your finds, too, especially being another "acorn addict" ;^D

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That googly-eyed wreath is terrific! The bow is the perfect finishing touch. You just keep coming up with more clever ideas all the time. Love the little ghosts, and your finds are great. Glad you had good luck at the TS.


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Thanks Lynn and Lee, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my little creations. Not sure why I keep making things, sure don't NEED them, but I enjoy doing stuff like this as long as it is quick, easy, and not too expensive!

Lynn, this little acorn jar says Avon on the bottom--wonder if it once held a candle?

Lee, I was looking for just some black ribbon for the wreath, and when I didn't have any, I thought about my fabric stash. I actually had some black fabric, but this orange and black just seemed cuter to me at the time.


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Jaybird, maybe you better stop squashing acorns and box them up for Luvs and I to decorate with. Sure no acorns around our towns. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks for the materials and directions, Luvs, that's great! I saved the page to my computer so that I can go back and try (Oh My!) to make one too -- with my two left hands of course ;)

Actually, I'm thinking of your wreath since 24 hours now - can't remember what it makes me think of but I'm sure I've seen some puppet that would look like your wreath on TV :D

It's really, really original!

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Oh, my! I love that wreath! I need to try that one, too. Great idea for the lollipop ghosts, too. I'll have to try to find my grandmother's pinking shears. I need to get cracking making some things for our preschool fall party. Great finds at the TS.

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Prosperity, I just had an idea for an easy way to do a wreath. Take some black fabric, tear it in strips three or four inches wide. Now take your scissors and cut from one side only 3/4 of the way to the other side to make a "fringe". Wrap the strip of fabric around the wreath fluffing up the "fringed" part as you go. Secure with straight pins or hot glue. Might not be quite as "fluffy" but would still be cute.

You could also just glue something like spanish moss or the shredded paper used for gifts, give it a couple light coats of black spray paint, and you would have a "fluffy" wreath too!

Now you all know why I can't sleep well some nights--the brain just keeps churning out "crafty" ideas! LOL

Cindy, I hope you find your scissors. I think the little ones would love them. Actually, you could just have straight sides too and it would be fine. It's the eyes and bow and shape that make them cute. Have fun.


P.S. I don't like the ones I did with the glittered edges. The plain ones just seem "nicer" to me.

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Luvs, I like the plain ones best too. I was wondering tho, do they really have to be SEWN? Couldn't you use Fabri-Tac glue instead? I've never tried it, and I don't sew, but have a friend who swears by the stuff. She even uses it on jewelry at times.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, in one of my posts above, I mentioned to Kathleen that they would probably be fine just using hot glue or craft glue. Not like they are going to be used over and over for years. I was able to get four or five out of two small 8x10 sheets of felt. I've not tried Fabri-Tac, but I'm sure it would work fine on the felt too.

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So cute, love the eyes!!

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