Toto Washlet Problem

monicakm_gwJune 11, 2013

Our S300 Washlet is about 5.5 years old. Recently it has started acting erratic. The washing pressure could be so low it won't even reach, to normal and anywhere in between. Wrong water stream from the wrong setting. Water spray patterns that it's never done before.

I've flushed the filter and unplugged the unit to reset the computer. Didn't help.

It's going to cost at least $200 to fix it. Has anyone else had this problem or any other suggestions on how to possibly fix it?


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Are you using the wall mounted remote? What happens if you use the controls on the side? What was the fix offered for $200? My s300 is over 6yrs old and I have not had any issues with it.

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Homepro1, yes, I'm using the remote and yes I tried the controls on the Washlet it's self. I don't know what they'll fix, tech support said if resetting it didn't fix the problem and with what I described, he says it's electrical. $200 is what most repairs cost. They're supposed to call before doing any work.

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I don't think I can help you much. but we have S300 for more than 10 years.. I do notice the water pressure can behave a little odd sometimes now it's old, what i mean is that on the low pressure setting, it's weaker than it used too. But once we do pressure 4,5 or above, its pretty normal. we have no other problem with it. If you have checked all the hose, and filters, and cleaned them, I guess its' just old and you have to decide if you want to repair or replace.

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The "normal" jet on mine seems to be mostly plugged. It will run for a short time (low volume), then turn off. The "soft" setting (different outlet) will run forever. Turned up, it isn't too soft, so we are just "making do" ;-) If it also stops, maybe I'll see if I can run some CLR or such though it.

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I had the same problem (loss of pressure) w/ 5-yr old Washlet S300. After checking filters, problem is hard water deposits clogging the tank/wand. Here's how I fixed it:
1. Unplug, close supply valve, disconnect water supply and remove the unit from the toilet. This is a good opportunity to thoroughly clean everything. Drain tank (slide switch on rear of unit).
2. Set the unit on its side with grey cap water filter up, remove water filter.
3. Using a funnel or eye dropper, add a small amount of CLR (lime deposit remover) to water filter reservoir and water supply hose. Replace water filter.
4. Reconnect unit to toilet. Open supply valve. Run Wand Cleaning. In my case, a bunch of foamy water came out and water began to freely run out around the wand.
5. Test the rear cleaning and front cleaning. Pressure was restored like new.

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fixter, thanks for your reply. We will try what you suggested but I'm not sure that's the problem because sometimes the water pressure is as it should be on the rear washes. There is no pattern to if and when it's going to spray like it should. Hardly any water comes out of the front wash EVER. But, couldn't hurt and may be the answer :) I'll let you know. Hopefully it's something I can get DH to do this week. Next weekend is the start of deer season. Yes, the world stops spinning till after the first weekend in Jan (g)

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