Undercounter Beverage Center (Perlick vs. Liebherr)

PhronesisJune 10, 2013

Liebherr vs. Perlick.....any reason to prefer the Perlick given that it's significantly more expensive?

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People here seem to really like Perlick and my impression is that it is well-made and quiet. My neightbors have the Liebherr and like it.

That said, I went with a Uline because I needed the flush handle and didn't want to spend a lot of money on the wine fridge. Miele was the only other option at more than twice the price. So this is a little like your situation.

I really like the Uline. This is the only item in my kitchen where I compromised at all due to price and I think I did just fine.

Which is just by way of saying, I am not sure this is an item where the extra cost is justified. But that's just my own POV.

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You can get a good deal on the Perlicks, (2nd's). Do a search for Perlick at the bottom of the main appliance page, to see how to get one.


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dodge59 is correct--you can get a great deal on Perlick seconds. We bought a Perlick Factory Second beverage frig. It was a "second" because of a dent in the back of the frig. Perlick made the whole process easy. Only thing is that it doesn't have the same warranty as new. The frig works great--extremely quiet, love the full extension shelves, keeps temp well. You just have to have the time to wait until the frig you need might be on the seconds list. See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perlick Factory Seconds

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Yeah, I know about the Perlick seconds. Even with the discounts, they're still more expensive than a new Liebherr. This makes it even more difficult.

I do realize that many many people don't even know about Perlick or Liebherr and are very happy with whatever they end up with. This is a situation where too much information is making me think there's a wrong decision when probably there isn't.

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I am deciding between a U-line and Perlick. Two primary concerns: quiet, and able to chill beer to very cold. Husband is very sensitive to noise. Old u-line we have in basement is very noisy. Is 10 years old, just wondering if they have improved.

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If you want very cold beer go for either the Perlick refrigerator or Liebherr refrigerator.

The temp in a refrigerator is lower than that of beverage centers.

I feel the Liebherr is way better value.

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