New GE Fridges-thoughts?

maggiebkitJune 17, 2013

I know GE has a bad reputation for refrigeration in general. What is the consensus on the new fridges, made in the USA (Which is great!)

We are looking for counter depth, french door, ice and water (preferably in the door).

Thank you!

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I actually got on this forum today to ask the same Q. We just ordered the new GE Cafe french door fridge w the hot water dispenser. On the GE website there are 7 reveiws. All are 5/5 stars. But then on the Home Depot website there are 9 reviews. 7 of the 9 reviews posted are 5/5 stars (all pulled directly from the GE website). The other 2 reviews are from Home Depot customers and are 1/5 stars stating that the fridge is ridiculously noisy and they wouldn't buy again. You really have to be careful reading reviews from the GE website- they seem like they might not be from 'real' people?? I too am so curious to hear from real people about what they think about the new GE fridges...

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Btw, we originally were set on purchasing a counter depth version too but after seeing the GE Profile counter depth we decided against it. The shelves are super shallow- we are a family of 5 and I just couldn't see fitting a pan of leftover ziti or veggie tray, etc. At least look at it before you buy one. It may no be big enough for your family. The cu ft look good on paper but when you actually see it you may be surprised.

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Thanks so much for the information mcfromct!
I am planning a trip to home depot later today.
Good luck with your new fridge!

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Im also interested. Anyone with brand advice?

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We are about to put the regular depth french with 2 icemakers on order for delivery in aug/sept. confirmed it is Louisville Ky - made. will let you know at that time!

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I would be interested also am looking at the 32 cu ft one which has good rating on consumer reports.Went to Lowes and saw it today its also on sale for 2499 til the 9th of july.

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I've only seen the GE Cafe counter depth, but disappointed that stainless sides on older models are now replaced with dark gray textured sides. Way too dark for the exposed area in my kitchen.

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