GE Cafe Refridgerator CYE23TSDSS

rickyk22June 17, 2013


We are about to buy the new 23.1 cu ft counter depth GE Caf� fridge with the hot water dispenser. Does anyone have this fridge that can offer feedback on it?


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I looked at this refrigerator yesterday. Make sure you have enough extra space (2") in the rear as there are vents back there which need cleaning and freedom. There's an electrical box for access back there too.

Interiorly, it has too much plastic for my taste, although I liked the layout pretty much and really liked the ease of changing filters. The display was plugged in but not running. I will share that I read on a review of the full depth that there is some noise to this refrigerator that a customer found objectionable. Duo compressors I believe.

But the real bummer, enough to take it off my list, was that the case or box is dark grey, well to me black. I think GE might have cheaped out on an otherwise nice new product by using case stock they had on hand.

Who in this day and age has dark grey/black on its exposed sides rather than monochromatic stainless? Especially as this CD is pushing the word counter depth with it's depth.

Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck.

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>>>"Who in this day and age has dark grey/black on its exposed sides rather than monochromatic stainless?"Pretty much everybody on most models. My Kitchenaid came with stainless doors but a "monochormatic" case, a medium gray in this case. At least it wasn't black.

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JW, this model's case is black but I was told by dealer it's called "grey black". Grey is totally fine; black just stands out more.

My current twelve year old KA is black btw, but I'm glad manufacturers have moved more to grey as more standard for cases.

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The noise that sparklingwater is referring to has been fixed with the new fridges coming out and for the people who bought some of the first ones with that issue I think GE sent techs out to correct it. Not positive though. Looks like a pretty nice fridge.

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We just ordered the GE Cafe cfe29tsdss which is also one of the newer models w the hot water dispenser. On the GE website there are 7 reveiws. All are 5/5 stars. But then on the Home Depot website there are 9 reviews. 7 of the 9 reviews posted are 5/5 stars (all pulled directly from the GE website). The other 2 reviews are from Home Depot customers and are 1/5 stars stating that the fridge is ridiculously noisy and they wouldn't buy again. You really have to be careful reading reviews from the GE website- they seem like they might not be from 'real' people?? I too am so curious to hear from real people about what they think about the new GE cafe fridges. I am a little concerned now to say the least...

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We ended up buying this fridge and couldn't be happier. it makes a little noise but no more than the fridge we replaced. The hot water dispenser works great, especially for warming the water to make our baby bottles. it does take a couple minutes to heat for tea or coffee, but not a big deal. the water dispenser is huge and fits big water bottles. also you can put pictures on the screen. we didn't know about this when we bought it, but it was an added plus.

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can you tell me how this hot water dispenser works? is there a safety switch so a child can't accidentally dispense hot water on himself?


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We have just ordered the standard depth 29" GE Cafe refrigerator for our remodel, it is due to be delivered next week. Even though we are still at least a month away from being ready to install, we ordered now as GE has indicated that the price will be going up in January (no idea of how much).

Our plans call for recessing the wall to give the frig the appearance of being a built in. Love the design of this frig - particularly the flat front doors!

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sorry, I didn't see the question that was posted. The hot water works amazing and we use it everyday. you have to turn a knob and push it in in order to pour the hot water so I think it would be difficult for a child to access, at least when they are little. It cant boil water, but can go up over 170F, I think it can go to 185F which is more than enough for soup, tea, etc. it can also warm water which works great for making baby bottles. We love the fridge and couldn't be happier. once in a while the compressor is a little noisy, but it isn't all the time and it doesn't bother us. I may get it looked at just yto make sure there is no issue,

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