Another Debbie Mumm Halloween Table! (pic heavy)

slinkeyOctober 26, 2011

I can't believe it's been months since I put together a tablescape. I almost forgot 'how to' !! lol

Well what a perfect way to 'get back into it' than a

Halloween Table!

I found these dishes at GW back in Sept...funny that Candy should find a set there too. Mine are also 'Haunted House' but with four different patterns...go figure.

As a bonus, there was an extra 5th dish in the box.

I took a photo of the box showing the original price from Kohls' and GW's price...which is hard to see $6. Not as quite a bargain as Candy's...but for New England prices...I'm happy.

I mixed in old things with newly purchased from TS etc.

I bought the flatware at the end of the Summer online.

It's a burnt orange color which will work for Fall/Halloween and Thanksgiving TScapes.

I bought the 4 little Halloween Character heads at CTS for $1 ea, and tucked them into ea napkin.

I couldn't resist this piece which I got a few years's a Bethany Lowe.

This little guy reminded me of my oldest DGS when he was this age.

Famous 'Candy Shot'...not quite as agile as her.

When I was taking this picture I was standing on a chair.

DH walked in and in a panicked voice said 'what are you doing'..which I replied 'I'm taking a Candy Shot'! He said I don't care what kind of shot, with your history of falls...get down now! I guess I would have done the same to him, because he has a record for falling and breaking bones too!! We make a good pair.

I bought this witch at a Flea Mkt last yr...she looks like the 'Sister' of DH's painting !!! lol

Finally - this is a little lighted Haunted House I bought at a TS for $1. I didn't have any for Halloween...but now I do!

Thanks for looking.


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My goodness, Jane...WOW. Where do I start. First its so neat you and Candy BOTH found Debbie Mumm Halloween plates
so cheaply. And yours are different designs. The owl and the witch ones are really neat! I saw your set on eBay in fact when I was looking for the one of Candy's I liked best. (tho yours actually comes in a different box that just says Halloween, her's are the Haunted House box.). You got a great buy.

Love the table you did, the Bethany Lowe boy on pumpkin is wonderful. Her line has the great vintage look, like Jeanne's old postcards. ;o)
I REALLY like how you put your cloche in a big bowl too.

Had to laugh at DH telling you to get off the chair and you telling him you were doing a Candy Shot. Too funny.

You decorate so wonderfully and I still want you to come here and do mine. LOL. Bring the bus, we can go shopping and the weather is great now.

hugs, Karen

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Oh, aren't those the cutest Halloween plates! & such bargain $$$, too! I love how you matched the character heads tucked in napkins to each plate! And, yes, the flatware will be so nice for many celebrations!

That t'cloth is so pretty as a backgrd for your t'scape...& I really like the colors & shapes in the layered place settings! Those placemats are so versatile to use w/many tables, aren't they! I bought some 'crocheted' ones in a similiar color at a GS for $1 ea in late summer...I used one under a big ceramic white pumpkin in the LR.

Centerpc cloche, candlesticks, colors & candyshot are all perfect! TFS, it! You don't need any 'practice' for t' matter how long you're away, your 'scapes are always WONDERFUL! Happy Halloween! JEANNE S.

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Thanks Karen & Jeanne for your compliments.

Karen..if you look at the box'll see it does say 'Haunted House'.. They even show the Haunted Houses on the box. However, when I got them home, I was pleasantly surprised that the contents had 4 different plate designs.

Jeanne...the tablecloth is a remnant piece of fabric I bought last year for $6. I think you get better deals when you buy fabric for tablecloths. Especialy when you have a long table. This piece is almost folded in half because I usually put it on the long farm table.
Funny, I bought those little character heads before I bought the dishes. I just lucked out they coordinated with the dishes!
Thanks again for looking and commenting.


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Jane, what a fun table. It's weird, because your box shows the same plates on it that I bought, but had different DM plates inside!
Your colors are perfect and I love the BL piece in the cloche. Your lighted haunted house is too cute and the candles on the black holders are wonderful.
You will get a lot of use out of the new flatware. It is perfect for this table.
What a great table to get you back into the TS groove!

So glad you didn't fall taking your "candyshot"!

It's a wonderful table and so glad you found a cute set of DM dishes at a great price. I really love her designs.

Super job.


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Well Jane, your Halloween table was worth the wait! I love all the colors you put together here. The DM plates all have such cute designs on them. Totally different than Candy's cute ones. You ladies done good finding these.

The little Bethany Lowe guy in your cloche looks great. Laughed when I read he reminds you of oldest DGS. How clever to place this on one of your plates inside your Halloween bowl for the cp.

Sweet witch you found but she's not as good looking as DH's painting! Maybe this will make him feel better.haha

The little lighted Haunted House was a good buy and it's darling. Those heads jumped in your hands for a reason and are nice. The plaid cloth and new burnt orange flatware look great together and I'm sure you'll use them again. Are these remote candles you used?

You always set a beautiful table and it's great to see another one tonight.


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Candy..thanks for your sweet comments!
I guess I just lucked out with the 4 different designs. I was searching online to see if they sell this set..and the only thing I came up with was a site selling all 4 designs individually, and the price for ea $19.99!
I posted the site below... When you open the page -(scroll to the very bottom).


Here is a link that might be useful: DM Halloween Plates

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Punk...we must have been posting at the same time 'up there'
Thank you for your always 'lovely' compliments!
DH will get a kick when I tell him about the witch and his painting...although my DD is in agreement with me that she does look like a witch. She was always afraid of her when she was growing up. When I moved the painting out of my Bedroom I hung it on a wall at the bottom of our staircase. DD said she was always afraid when she came downstairs in the mornings 'alone' because 'the eyes' would always follow her!! I guess that was a good way of keeping her in her room longer in the mornings, before I was up...Poor
Gee you got that right...those Halloween Heads 'just jumped' into my your reasoning! lol
No those candles are not the remote ones. I wish they came in colors, but I've only seen white. Did you get yours?
Thanks reading your fun comments.


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Jane, I should have explained better on the box, LOL. I think whoever donated your plates, put them in the Haunted House plate box...and probably put those plates in the box yours came in.
Here's the set on eBay I saw by the way.
hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: DM Halloween plates

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Karen...thanks for the eBay link.
Now I see the difference in the boxes and the confusion I had with the Haunted Houses on my box..but different dishes inside.
I'm also amazed over the price eBay is selling them for. They've been listed on other sites too - also pricey.
You know I'm a happy camper that the person who donated them to GW - put my set in that box...not to mention the price I paid for them too. !!

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Love this table, Jane! The DM plates are adorable.
They look wonderful with the plaid tc. Those little heads are just too cute. They kinda look like they are wearing capes LOL.
The Bethany Lowe figurine is perfect for the CP.
What can I say about the Witch??
I'll bet she is a shirt tail relation to my Hags!!
Thanks for sharing this delightful table

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LOL!! thanks Nana...
After you mentioned it...those little heads do look like they're wearing capes..too funny.
You never know about the relationship of our witches...they do 'get around' on those brooms of theirs!!

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very nice decor!!! I love it all, and that witch is really cool!


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SD...I don't think I personally welcomed you here!
I'm so happy you've joined in and hope you continue
and share more of your creative ideas with us.
Thanks again for your nice comments.


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Marlene Kindred

Wow...LOVE this table! One of the "prettiest"...if that's the right word for Halloween tables... I've ever seen. Your attention to detail is great...LOVE the plates and the settings and all of your little touches. Thanks for sharing it with us and I'm really glad you didn't fall getting down from taking the Candy shot!

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LOVE, LOVE your table, just gorgeous & I love Debbie Mumm. I have the plate with the witch, in fact I've used it in tablescapes on a plate stand. My grandson bought it for me a few years ago for my Sept. birthday and said it was for my tablescape.

Everything is just beautifully done.

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I am sorry I am late with this. I am having so much trouble with my computer since the storm last weekend when the power was out!
I love this table. The heads in the napkins are so cute!
I really like Debbie Mumm. I don't see much of her things anymore.
I went to CTS last Fri. Going next week. now they should have more as the Halloween is done.
Got those candles you got. Haven't tried them yet

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