Halloween Before and Afters

christmascandyOctober 20, 2012

I have been having fun making some Halloween decorations this year.

I am displaying some of the before and afters.

A cardboard box from work, B-4.

Added a Jack O'Lantern head from Hm. Gds. clearance last year ($4), a spiral candle holder from GdWl ($2), and some scrapbooking paper from HL ($2.36), ribbon from the basement, a piece of a doormat from DT this year, a cut up coat hanger and a bead from my craft room = a Jack in the Box!!

2 Pkgs of foam pumpkins from DT. B-4

I also bought a Halloween doormat and a pkg of Jack stickers from DT. The doormat got cut up for the letters on the Halloween garland and the black Jacks on the Jack in the box above, and also other parts were used for some other decor. Then I added the Jack stickers in between every pumpkin and glued them to ribbon to make the mantel garland.


A black book from the TS ($1)

And after:

Finally: a pallet from my work - free.

And after:

I added a witch ($3.39) and black cat ($1.69) from GdWl, some bottles from my basement with internet labels, books covered with black paper that I painted titles on, a black cauldron I already had, and letters I cut out of white felt that I already had.

I put the nails I pulled out of the pallet into a jar with the label "Coffin Nails." So I actually got 2 decorations out of the pallet, LOL

What is a witch's favorite subject in school?


Happy Haunting,


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Very seldom am I rendered speechless, LOL, but honestly you just make me at a loss for words with your creative talents and imagination!!! Just unbelievable what you do.

Karen who's picking her jaw up off the floor.

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...and, Jeanne, too...my jaw on the floor that is!

Love, love the 'Jack in the Box!' So unique & perfect for Halloween & looks great at your hearth! But the pallet recycle is very cool ...into a bench & so wonderfully decorated for the holiday! Very, very original!!!

Don't go pounding those 'coffin nails' ...they may get you in trouble! You are a creative lady w/ such a holiday spirit! TFS, Candy! Jeanne s.

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repeating all the congrats from others what fun you had making these things Take mor photos for your scrapbook in years to come you'll be glad you did !!!

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Rah, Rah, Rah, you are creating so many neat Halloween projects and I'm lovin' it! I will never tire looking at your new creations so keep it up, girlfriend!!! These are so much more than what's available in a store.

Still smiling. Just love 'em all.


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candy ...would you care if I shared your photo (pallet bench) with a garden group on Facebook... I think it is so cute & the group loves to 'recycle!' Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Oh my goodness Candy...you have outdone yourself! LOVE the bench you made from the pallet...what a great idea! And the saying on it is too cute! Coffin nails? Love it! Your Jack in the box was a great idea too and your mantel banner turned out beautifully! And who doesn't need a book of spells? Great idea....you are so talented! TFS~

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Karen, thanks, but you are able to do things on the computer that amaze me. I told one of the people at my work that I can work with power tools, but computers just frustrate me! I had actually been looking for a rickety old chair and then I thought of making the bench out of a pallet. Probably because I am such a cheapskate, LOL.

Jeanne, I found the labels on the computer under a free site, and when I found the one that said coffin nails, I realized that the ones I had pulled out of the pallet would be perfect! They were too hard to pull out to pound them in again, LOL.

Minnie, I am saving pictures in my computer, but not much into scrapbooking. I will however, be saving the bench for using in many more Halloweens to come. I used screws to assemble it so it is actually quite sturdy.

Punk, part of my love of thrift stores is I find items that are not in every store on the block, then I figure out how I am going to use them. I have been having lots of fun creating them this year.

Jeanne, I don't mind at all. Would you like me to email it to you or can you use this site? If I had used a better pallet, and actually measured it, it could be a lot nicer, but I was going for the rickety look.

Marlene, thank you. The Spell book is actually a political book that I bought for its black cover. The hinges I used were so old, the price on the package was 39C!! Since I attached the hinges with upholstery tacks, the book won't actually open and if it did, it would be just a book about politics, which some might say is a bunch of hocus pocus, LOL.

Thanks again everybody!!

How do you fix a broken Jack O'Lantern?

You use a pumpkin patch!

Keep calm and scary on,

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Thanks, candy...yes, would you email it to me in a larger format...you can click on my name & click 'send an email' ...appreciated! Jeanne S.

Funny jokes!

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Ok, that's all just awesome! I mean it wow, you are so creatve!

I have to send my friend here to see these, wish I had the time to do these types of things! She's very creative too.

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