Somebody stop me- DH confusing me!!

secondhalfJune 25, 2012

I make decisions every day. I have no problems making decisions. WHY are these appliances making me so nuts?

The scenario: I had everything all set, including our kitchen plan: Wolf AG range and a separate Miele speed oven to serve microwave and baking purposes.

last night: DH says "hon, you're planning the entire kitchen around Christmas dinner. We don't need a second oven. It's just the two of us now and no matter how often you WANT to cook, the reality is that we only cook a little over half the time. You love to bake. Get the dual fuel and skip the Miele. Get the micro drawer instead."

Will I regret not having a second oven? We have about 20 people on the holidays but other than that, if we entertain, it's to grill outside (and I always bake something). Please save me from this ridiculous flip-flopping. I'm having dreams about this stuff now. I think I need counseling....

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Fori is not pleased

Look at it this way: what are the reasons NOT to get the speed oven? I can think of two:

1. Too expensive

2. It takes up too much space in the kitchen.

So we know 2 is not the case since it fills the same hole as a microwave. That leaves #1. Can you afford it without being bothered by it? How much more does it cost than the microwave drawer? Would you save energy at times using that instead of the big oven?

I have a small wall oven and a range oven and use the small one unless it's too small. It preheats faster and is perfect for most oven duties. And MY small oven doesn't do anything special. I personally would have no problem with having a speed oven in that slot and neither would you.

Now dual fuel vs gas? I don't know what you like to bake but I suspect you'll do fine with either. I think you'd be happier sticking with your current plan of the AG range plus speed oven. Maybe you guys will end up cooking more.

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Fori- thank you so much for those great points.

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Fori is not pleased

I'm an enabler.

Also remember that when you guys are not entertaining, being able to use an oven you don't have to bend over for will be nice when you're old and stiff. You can save the range oven for turkeys (when you have kids around to pull them out). It's part of your "aging in place" plan.

Plus a speed oven is a nifty gadget!

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If you are like many of us that have speed ovens, you may find that you will use the speed oven more than your larger oven, as Fori suggests.

Like you there are only 2 of us, so when I do baked potatoes it is usually just two, does it not seem like a waste to preheat a large oven and then cook just 2 taters in it for 45-60 mins (Including preheat)???, when the taters are done in 14 mins, (Including preheat) in the speed oven.

Likewise for meatloaves, stuffed bell peppers, You name it, we just don't find a lot that does not fit in our Elux speed oven.

Reheating poultry , fish, and fries comes out much better than if you tried to nuke them, or even reheat them in a regular oven---I hear tell that convection ovens reheat these items pretty well, but I have no personal experience with same, alto since the Speed oven can be used just as a convection oven, I suppose I could try it, but as mentioned I like the way they come out speed cooked.

With the exception of our induction cooktop, our speed oven is our most used cooking appliance.

If Hubby is concerned about the price, you have 2 options!

Option # 1.
Put left hand around his neck, put right hand around the other side of his neck and slowly join your hands.

Option # 2. Look at the Elux Icon Speed oven, more than likely you can save quite a bit of money on it compared to the Miele, alto folks do like their Miele Speed Ovens but I've had the Elux for more than 5 years now and except for a screw coming loose on the handle, it has been trouble free.



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Let me translate for you. The MW drawer is a cool gadget, like something in the movies, a la James Bond, Star Trek, etc. The speed oven has no distinguishing superficial attributes. It's a workhorse behind the scenes. DH wants the cool gadget. If the speed oven came in a drawer format, DH would be all over it like a cheap suit.

As a DH who actually does all/most of the cooking, I fully appreciate what the speed oven can do and would never trade it for all the MW drawers in the world. I think the chance of regretting not having a second oven is much greater than the chance of regretting that the MW is not a drawer format but the old-fashioned "open-the-damn-door" type.

Just my penny's worth. ;)

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