large format floor tile on walls?

lori_inthenw_gwJune 2, 2012

I'm thinking of doing this and I'm pretty sure I've seen photos of it. I'm not sure if the tile would go to the ceiling or not. If not, how does it "end"? I mean, I assume they don't make bullnose for these tiles, correct? Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or should I go find some pix?

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They do make bullnose for a lot of those tiles. If you're using stone or through-color porcelain, you can also make your own bullnose.

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I used Daltile 12x12 floor tiles on my shower walls. There was a matching bullnose tile. I went directly to the ceiling and trimmed the edge of the shower with the bullnose.

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Thanks-- I will look into some specific tiles, then. I had just thought there would be no need for a bullnose on floor tiles. I was thinking of porcelain with color through the body-- how would you "make your own" catbuilder?

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we used 18x18 marble in a shower.

In the next bathroom i plan to use even larger tiles. perhaps 12x24 or larger. If i could afford it and support it, I would use a single slab of stone.

Even if the stone did not end on a wall, i prefer square edges to bullnosed edges. or use a thin metal end piece.

Gr*ut is evil!

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We used 8x20 tiles on the MB tub surround (and ceiling). Instead of bullnose tile at the edges, we used pieces of White Thassos marble tile (cut to size by our tile guy).

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Pharoh - I thought I was the only grout hater in the world!

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I also used the bullnose in place of baseboard, which gave the bathroom a nicely finished look. I think it just depends on the floor tile whether bullnose is offered. And from there it's personal preference. I really liked the rounded edge of the bullnose and also used it along the tub deck edge. Others (such as pharaoh) don't use it and either use the square edge of the tile or strips such as those offered by Schluter. I would love to do a slab shower instead, but alas I also don't have that kind of budget.

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I think our bathroom wall tile is 13x13. On top of that is a pencil trim, 4x4s, 2x2 glass tile and a cap piece.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall Tile

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We're almost finished with a shower using 12x24 porcelain tiles. We debated about what to do with the exposed tile edges. We were going for a modern look and felt that bullnose was too traditional. Also, we thought the layout would look nicer with large format tiles throughout rather than 3" wide bullnose tiles at the edges.

So, we ended up using a Schluter Jolly profile in satin nickel. I was hesitant at first, but now that it's installed, it looks great since it blends in with our gray tile AND matches our satin nickel fixtures.

I'm sure this look isn't for everyone, but it provided the clean, modern look we were trying to achieve.

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Thanks, Jaidog-- our house will be fairly contemporary as well, so I am interested to hear about other options. Funny, I just read about the Jolly profile recently, but none of the pix I saw gave me a good idea of what it looked like installed. The manufacturer's site was a close up and the only other photo I saw was from too far away. Would love to see more examples! Also, how far up the walls did you take the tile? In the shower only or in the rest of the room?

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jaidog - I'd love to see pictures of your bathroom? I I am in the never ending process of redoing my bath with similar choice - grey 12x24 tiles on the walls - metal trim (not sure how it will look and nervous about it.

MY issue with using the tiles on the wall is that there is a slight texture to the tile (I am using Taltile Bambu Dark) and I am worried about shower gunk accumulating. Also I don't know what floor tile to use?

What about the edges at niches? the tile is grey all the way through but the linear print is just on the surface?

Oh what to do, what to do? There is no bull-nose to match - and I don't like the roundedn trim anyway.

I am seriously stuck! I look forward to seeing some ideas here.

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Tiles are all the way up the shower wall. Jolly profile was used everywhere that tile edges were exposed so this also includes the niche, but the edges of the niche shelves remain exposed (those are slate, not porcelain).

The tiles are eleganza 12x24, the horizontal dark section in the center is black slate, and the accent strips are 1" wide schluter design line. Shower is still in progress -- no grout has been installed, yet.

Note: I can only figure out how to post one photo at a time so see my subsequent posts for addl. photos.

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Here's a closeup of the Jolly profile.

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Here's the niche.

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Here's a close view of the wall tiles.

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Wow, Jaidog, that is a very elegant look-- I like it a lot. Hope to see the finished version when it happens-- are you doing it yourself? Is the Jolly edge easy to install? Expensive? I really like the way it defines the edges.

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I can't take the credit for the work. We found a good tilesetter who is doing the installation. It's the first time he's worked with Schluter profiles on the tile edges. He indicated that it's a bit tricky to get the Jolly to be perfectly plumb because it tends to want to move around. Otherwise, a straightforward installation.

The Schluter profiles are not expensive (in my opinion). An 8' length is $15 from Home Depot. The Schluter designline horizontal profile between tiles is about the same price, but it was special order from a tile shop. The quote I received for professionally bullnosing our porcelain tile was around $8/linear foot.

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It is evening, so I had to use the flash to take these pictures, but here is our master shower with 12 x 24 tiles and the Schluter Rondec profile. We went with the Rondec profile because there are matching corners available.

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Those Schluter edges look really good.

Cat_mom, where did you find 8x20 tile? That size would be perfect for our shower.

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Just remember that your wall prep for this will need to be very very FLAT. This means that your carpenters will need to take extra care to make sure everything is plumb and square and true. Otherwise, you will end up with tiny humps or wanes that can wreak havoc on your minimal grout lines. This means that the labor portion to construct this will probably be a bit more expensive, and you might even want to use engineered studs or metal studs to be able to have such exacting tolerances.

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kaysd, our tile is Porcelanos's Bari Blanco I believe. It has a slight lip or curve near the edge; subtle, but gives it some interest. I had originally wanted flat, flat edges, but I actually like how this looks. Not as starkly modern (which I love in bathrooms), but a softer, equally beautiful look.

We saw the tile at a nearby Porcelanosa showroom, but purchased ours from the tile store that supplied the rest of our tile (an authorized Porcelanosa tile dealer/distributor).

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I have the same large textured tiles on the shower wall and the bathroom floor. Yes, if I don't clean the shower for a month, I'll see soap scum on the walls. But I do try to clean the shower more frequently than that.

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here are a few examples. Most tiles WILL have a bullnose to match, but it'll usually be 12 or 13" long, which still isn't a big deal.




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