Bringing the 'Outdoors' - "In" for Fall

jeannespinesOctober 6, 2012

All summer this wall has been EMPTY (since painting/new floors early in the yr. I finally happened upon the 'perfect' picture for my wall & it's for FALL! It's a canvas print I bought at Gordmann's it is above my Gr'ma's old treadle sewing machine in the living room:

See ...I've brought Fall decor indoors! Also in that brass boot, I cut some Stonecrop Sedum from my gardens today & added's a close-up:

And trying to wait patiently for this pumpkin to dry .... DH & I poured it in a plastic pumpkin early in the week & I'm ready to paint it a bit & add a branch for a stem & some metal leaves on top ....pretty cool ...I got this idea from a garden page I am on alot...but I need the pumpkin to cure a few more days! The glass cage/house I got at a thrift shop yesterday shopping w/friends on a day is out of it right now for'll see this pc decorated at Christmas! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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I am seriously coveting that new painting you have!! Nothing is prettier than Fall tree scenery to me. And its so perfect with the vignette you created under it. (love your lamp too)
Then there is that neat cage!! WOW. That piece is going to be such fun to decorate with. That was a super TS score!

Cement pumpkin idea is really cute.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks, PM ... do you have a Gordmann's? Used to be called 'l/2 Price' stores. I have looked & looked since our floor remodel & painting the walls ...I like to change out framed prints ...& @Christmas I put up that old window from my sis' house when it was tore down w/B&W fave family Christmas photos. This is big ... 35 x35 ...but I LOVE's canvas which I've never bought before.

I had my 1st canvas print made from one of my photos this summer for Winter decor:

And I couldn't pass up that glass cage for $12@ a new thrift shop run by Mennonites ...thick glass panels's more of a creamy color. Jeanne S.

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O M G... I stopped in to ask a question but wanted to check some threads first to catch up. I always LOVE your decor, Jeanne, but I am absolutely gaga over your photo that was turned into a canvas print. It is absolutely GORGEOUS and you must tell me more about it! Are you selling them? or would you like to trade a custom handwoven basket for one?! :)

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Hi party ...good to hear from you, too ...I haven't posted pics for awhile ... I am not selling ...this is just one of my fave photos from last Winter out the porch window ... it's printed on canvas (not by me) ...I had it done ... most any photo shops or Walgreens, Walmart, etc. can print on canvas's price-y ...but I wanted to try one. Thank you for your compliments & I LOVE your baskets ...but shipping & the cost would be too much... (this canvas size (12x20) is in the $50 - $60 range). Glad you like it! Thanks! Jeanne S.

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ok, I understand, Jeanne, and thank you for the info! I had no idea anyone converted photos to canvas, so now I have a project. lol! Thanks a bunch!

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party ...I would happy to 'share' any of my pics w/you ... I take lots & lots of bird pics ... esp in the if there is any you like, you're welcome to use's a link to some of my bird pics on Photobucket. Hugs, Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Birds ... Jeannespines

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Jeanne, so glad you found time to share some of your wonderful fall decor w/us. What a perfect print to complete your fall vignette above your DGM's treadle sewing machine table. Great seeing your brass boot filled w/sedum. The pumpkin on your metal leaf is a neat idea. Just love the colors you chose for this vignette.

The glass cage/house looks like a fun thing! I'm also excited to see how your pumpkin turns out. I love others crafts!

What I love the most is your winter canvas print!!! That is so neat. BTW, You are such a sweetheart to share your Bird Pictures. People like you are precious and few.


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Jeanne...beautiful Fall decorating as usual!
Love the new print you much beauty in a 'Tree at any season' and yours at Fall is gorgeous!
Love the Winter photo you chose to transform onto canvas. It turned out beautiful and will make a wonderful folcal point for the season. Pricey yes, but so well worth it and can be enjoyed forever! My DD is pretty good at photography and has done that with photos of my DGKs on the beach..
I like changing pictures too, especially in main areas that get decorated for ea season. I always enjoy seeing yours change as well!
Great find with the glass caged house and love your Jack O project...I'm looking forward to seeing it when you're finished.
Good to see you back Jeanne...loved everything.

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Thanks, Holiday-ers!
And 'party' & 'punk' ...if you ever want one of my pics in 'larger format' for re-printing, just email me & I'll send it in large form. I've missed decorating ... a very hot summer here & drought ...been outside so much trying to 'save' gardens. (& of course, in the pool in the evenings) ...not now ...hubby said here it got down to 21 this morn....24 @ largest city near us. Ugh! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, I've always loved your bird photos!!! -- but I got to thinking after I posted to ask and was worried that I had offended you by even asking. :( A photo is a very personal thing and I should use my own photo for something like that!

I had also wondered if your original bird photo was taken with a regular camera or digital, and if the latter, what was the resolution setting? but now I see your comment about using 'larger format' so it pretty much answers my questions. :) Too bad... last year I saw a Pileated Woodpecker for the first time in my life -- they're HUGE! -- and I got some great digital photos of him, but they were not high-res photos. I stopped using a regular camera in 1999!

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Jeannie,I love your fall and winter themed pics. You are a super talented photographer and always seem to get just the right moment to get the perfect shot. Trying to get the perfect pic of wildlife is hard. You can't tell them to stay still and smile, knda like my DGC. I love how you arranged the little vignette on your GM's sewing machine . The brass boot reminded me of Candy's beautifuly painted boot in shape. Thanks for sharing with us.

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party ... yes I keep my camera set on the highest resolution most all the time (unless I accidentally hit something to change it) ...I switched to digital long ago, too...but it was a 'hard' decision after shooting 35 mm for so long...but it's the only way to go!!! Can shoot, shoot, shoot ...wonderful ...pick & choose!

Pileated woodpecker! I've never seen one here ...but they are in IA. Thank you, party ... I feel the same way about you & your artistic .basketweaving. Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred found the perfect picture for that spot! It looks great over the old sewing machine and your accessories look as though they were made for the spot!

And you know I've always LOVED your bird photos! The canvas print of the woodpecker turned out beautifully! Perfect for winter!

Thanks for the link to your pictures as well....gorgeous!

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I'm giving catching up another go which I'm so happy about because I didn't miss this.
Your new fall print is wonderful and I'm over oogling your birdie print. Your bird photos are always some of my most favorite.
Love the concrete pumpkin to. If I had an ounce of energy left ,I would borrow your idea for a pair to go beside the porch steps.
The couple of times I've put out the plastic ones themselves, some neighborhood human weasel has swiped them. Least a concrete one , they would have to muster some energy to haul it off..LOL

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Jeanne, no we don't have Gordmanns here. :o(
Thanks for sharing about the canvass photo printing from Walgreens, what a great idea. Unfortunately I have a problem with wall space, LOL. In my house, its that little area between picture frames! I've got way too much stuff on the walls, big surprise huh?
What I am kicking around doing is from an idea I saw on Pinterest. About going to Staples (I think) and getting the poster-size photo print for $5. I have several very large Whippet/Greyhound paintings, and it occurred to me that maybe I could put one of these jumbo prints right on the front of the glass and tuck edges into the frame. I don't think most folks would realize it wasn't framed if they didn't look close. I'd planned to try it with some Xmas pix from my files, soon as I find out what kind of picture I have to take to them to reproduce. Maybe I'll get one done for Fall and see how it goes now I've seen your lovely artwork.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks, Holiday-ers ... appreciate your comments ...

Karen ... that sounds like a good idea to try (poster prints) ... kind of like that idea of 'gift wrapping the framed print on the wall that some have shared in the past.

milo ... yup, cement ones weight about 20 lb ...I didn't weight this one but it's heavy ...

marlene & janet ... thank you...I need to update some bird pics in PBucket ... they are so enjoyable to watch!

jane ...good to hear from you & wish you luck on selling your home...miss your posts, too...where does time go, uh!

Here's a recent bird pic that I've shared on another gardening page ... harvested my sunflowers & this is out the porch window in a recycled bird feeder. The squirrel scared off this Woodpecker but he kept flying back to see when he could have a 'go' at the Sunflower again! ;-) Jeanne S.

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Great photo, Jeanne! It's screaming for a clever caption with that woodpecker peeking to see if he's done yet. :)

Just wanted to show you that HUGE Pileated woodpecker. This was taken w/ a digital camera from across the street, so I did well to get this clarity:

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Very cool bird & pic, party! TFS! Jeanne s.

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