Bathroom backsplash problem

curly6June 6, 2012

I am trying to finish our basement bathroom but I ran into a problem. We are installing our vanity w/ countertop and the corner is not square. At the back right corner there is a gap 5/8" wide and it is flush at the front right corner of the countertop. I wanted to install a backsplash but I am uncertain of how to fill that gap. Any suggestions?? Please help!!

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scribe the countertop or notch the drywall at the front to allow the countertop to be slid over to reduce the gap.

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That sounds like a good idea, but, the edge of the countertop is slightly raised from the rest of the countertop. I think if I scribed off the edge of the countertop it would look funny, also if I fit it into the drywall it will look goofy also because that raised edging will be absent on that will definitely look unsquare.

Thank you for the ideas tho!

Any other ideas??

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