kindle fire vs nook tablet

gibby2015January 28, 2012

Hi - I never post on this particular forum but thought you might have opinions on this. Over the past few months I've been researching ereaders. Over the past three days I've purchased two and returned one. I got a basic Kindle first but didn't like reading with the dim gray background. So I went to the bricks and mortar B&N and tried all their Nooks for a while. I ended up buying the Nook Tablet which of course was a much bigger investment than the original Kindle. So now I'm having analysis paralysis about whether I should stick with this Nook or also try the Kindle Fire. I did try a demo Fire at the store but can't do a good comparison since it's not full function so I'd need to order one to try it. I'm happy with the Nook except for the fact Amazon is a more established content provider and I think their future is solid while B&N is questionable.

I originally just wanted this thing for books but now that I've decided to spend 3X as much money and have all the bells and whistles I'm reconsidering what is the best overall device/content provider for the longer haul. I've read all kinds of comparisons online and there is nothing conclusive.

What say you?

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All but one of my family members with readers are Nook users with their focus only on books. Collectively their opinion is:

If the unit had a concern while under warranty they only had to return it physically to the B&N store and get another one. No waiting required. My son found this to be true.

They can loan books to one another for two weeks on the B&N network.

Going into the store and downloading books is as convenient as the net. And they say it is a bit relaxing too.

I read the financials regularly, and I have not seen any expressed uneasiness in the stock market as to the stability of B&N which was not the case for Border's.


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I doubt that you get a consensus opinion anywhere. It really depends on what you want to do with the device. I didn't want one at all but my daughter gave me a kindle touch for Christmas and I have enjoyed reading with it. I wanted a book to hold but the ability to change the font and enlarge it so that I can read without my glasses has changed my mind. I've had a good experience with amazon for a number of years and wouldn't mind being tied to them for books, but I'm not. They list several other sources of books on their site. If you want to use the device to do things other than read books you will need to go with the kindle fire or one of the many android tablets that have been discussed on this forum. Just do a forum search for ereaders and you will find them.

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The main objection I have to the Kindle Fire, which is the Amazon product most like the Nook Color, is that anything you want must be obtained from Amazon. Sort of like Apple products----very proprietary. With the Nook Color, you can get movies, apps, or anything else on the open market. You are not limited to Barnes and Noble, even for books not under copyright. The Nook Color is much like other Android tablets, except that it is, first of all, an ereader, but if I understand correctly, it has most if not all the functions of other Android tablets. If I am wrong about this, I'm sure someone else will correct me.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I agree AMazon has the fire so locked down to Amazon. the nook uses epub format which you can easily find all over and you can read them with the Nook, Kindle must use kindle format which you get from Amazon. Plus Amazon has changed the Android browser considerably and not for the better, again in an effort to lock you down.

I personally have several Android tablets, I would go with the Nook if those were the only 2 options.
Better than either of those is the Vizio Vtab1008 that I am currently using in the $190 price range, 8" and full Android with the option of using multiple reader apps including the nook, the kindle, and several others, this way you can read your kindle books using the kindle app and any others using the other reader apps. Best of both worlds.
There are many many good Android tablets available now but if going that direction do NOT get anything under Android 2.3, that and above will do you fine.
this is the one I have so you can just get an idea of what most Android tablets do. I see Amazon has gone up on the price again but it can be found around the internet in the $190 range, I know walmart online had them and did too. I got mine from, as a refurb for around $150 or so I believe.
VIZIO 8-Inch Tablet with WiFi - VTAB1008

It is unfortunate that in general people only know of the big names like Kindle and Nook but there are so many very good tablets out there, google search for Android tablets for overload LOL.

It comes down to you need to decide what it is you want to do with your tablet?? just read? surf, listen to music, watch videos, email, etc that will lead you to where you need to be.

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ravencajun - I really just wanted to read books with an inexpensive, small, lightweight e-reader. We have an iPad and I didn't want another full featured tablet. Unfortunately the e-ink Kindle didn't work for me (nor did I like the low end Nook) so now I'm up a notch into the bells and whistles e-readers. You make an interesting case for the Nook - though I understand only a very limited amount of the space on the Nook is accessible to non-B&N content and you have to by an additional SD card if you want to store a bunch of other content. Certainly an option but then you're about $100 more than the Fire. Thanks for your perspective - I appreciate it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

If you just want to read and want the lcd screen rather than the eink then you could look at the lookbook, we have 2 of them, you can use wifi, and an sd memory card to load your books on, which is good since they can hold so much. I think it is a good basic reader, it does have back light and offers night reading, various fonts and sizes. I paid around $50 each, the nextbook is another android 2.3 option and is at big lots right now for $129 it does a lot of the tablet stuff and you can add all the reader Apps.

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Have you actually looked at all the Nooks? I think the Nook Color, not the Nook Tablet, would serve you quite well. It will have the color, not the e-ink, and should be easy to use. The Kindle Fire is more like a tablet, similar to the Nook Tablet. SD cards are cheap, and come in many sizes and one will hold more books than you would ever read. Don't forget, you can format a SD card and start all over again if you wish. All it is, is a storage device.

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I got a fire for Christmas and love it. I had the kindle keyboard with 3g/wifi before this and liked that also but now I find the back light much better for my aging eyes. You can root the fire to use apps outside of amazon but I have not done that yet. Every day there is a different paid app offered for free in the amazon app store.

I have had no problems with my kindles but I know people that have had some issues and amazon customer service was wonderfull to work with they said. Also amazon has discussion boards for the kindles to get help that way from other users and such.

I really never looked at the nook since I was so used to kindle and amazon and when I played with the fire in the store liked it so stuck with kindle but sure the nook is probsably just as nice. Mary

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Well, I now have a Nook Tablet AND a Kindle Fire. I'm planning to return one of them but I felt like I had to try them both. I've had the Nook for a few days but just got the Fire tonight. So far I think I like the Nook better. I like the feel of it - it's more comfortable to hold and not as slippery. It also has kind of a frame around the screen that makes it nicer to hold compared to the Fire which just has a little ridge around the edge - probably why the Fire is a bit smaller. I want to use it without a book-like cover on it - will just store it in a sleeve.

I do think the web browser is better on the Fire since it has tabs and the keyboard and shortcuts are nice. However the Nook touch screen seemed more responsive - touching things on the Kindle sometimes didn't "register". The Nook has more options for the book display though and I think some of them are easier on the eyes than the Fire - at least I prefer some of the options that aren't available on the Fire. I imagine a lot of this stuff can change though with a software update. What wouldn't change is the home button on the Nook which I also like - maybe I've just gotten used to it.

I'm going to try them out over the weekend and then decide. I do think Amazon is way ahead on content but I'm mainly interested in books and there are lots of books available through B&N and other sources. Kindle has many more apps but I don't care much about that because I do all that stuff on my iPhone.

One thing I loved with the Nook was that my favorite magazine (Cooking Light) is available in a beautiful version tailored to the Nook. There is a Cooking Light app that's available for the Kindle to paper magazine subscribers but I really don't want the paper magazine. That could just push me over the edge. Plus I kind of want to give the underdog a chance.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am not sure but you might be able to add other browser apps to the nook. I have not messed with a nook myself.

It looks like you can sideload and get apps from other locations including other browsers and launchers.
How to sideload apps on the NOOK Tablet (Amazon Appstore, GO Launcher EX)

dolphin browser is a good choice to try

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You don't have to have the white background on the fire for book reading. I have mine set at an off white for books so it's less glarring but you can change it to other stuff too. I wonder if your fire is defective because my touch screen is very responsive and gives me no problems. Mary

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wow nice inforamtion. its help me

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