GFCI on all?

itltrotJune 2, 2014

The electricians didn't read the job details very closely and instead of 2 outlets centered under the window we ended up with 4 spread out the length of the vanity (84" long). A little excessive but only having 1 outlet for years I can deal with have to many.

My question is do all 4 of these need to be GFCI outlets (they are all feed from 1 outlet). Or can I hide the GFCI in the corner and the rest be normal?

I want it to be to code but if I can save money without setting off any OCD alarms I'm all out saving towards the end of this remodel.

Only picture I have at the moment only shows 3 as the step ladder is hiding the last one. But it will give you an idea.

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As long as the outlet circuit is protected by 1 GFCI and other outlets feed from that 1 GFCI, they can be regular outlets.

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That's what I was thinking from the code aspect.

Now from the design aspect. Will it look weird having 1 outlet different from the rest?

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If they are all Leviton Decora or Lutron Diva, where the receptacle is single rectangle with a plate, the visual difference is minimal, especially if the test and reset buttons are color matched which they usually are for residential receptacles.

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No they are old school round outlets for the regulars.

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Why not just do the Decora on the rest, they aren't expensive.

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Further, Pass & Seymore has GFI outlets that are all the same color (no red/black buttons) - and the LED only comes on when the circuit is broken.

Get new 'retangular' outlets - they don't cost that much.

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