Fall Tree Decor & Barnwood Bench Bonus!

jeannespinesOctober 11, 2010

Worked on some more Fall/Halloween decor today & got my Fall tree up on the porch:

Used this wonderful pieced round tablecloth that I got at an estate sale last yr...Fall colors, for sure! (& I even ironed it...LOL. This yr I bunched up 2 strands of old orange mini-lights & put them on a metal "charger" under the tree...left my plain white rice lights on tree that I use for Christmas decor:

Some close-ups on the tree...bought these wood ornaments handmade by someone at a consignment shop on clearance after the holidays a couple yrs ago ...looks like she painted the wood, cut fabric squares & mod-podged, drilled holes to hang...I love 'em...used them for a few yrs. now:

Here's another close-up of tree...a scarecrow pick & faux miniature pumpkins & gourds & metal pumpkin faces I took apart (was a swag):

But here's my new addition this yr...this wonderful old barnwood bench my DH made for our Farmer's Market sale on Sat...well, it didn't sell...so I snatched it up for the season! Isn't it cool! Love old barnwood. Basket is filled with FMrkt pumpkins, gourds & stuff I had here at home...dishtowel for linens & paper leaves:

And then I thought, wow, I think luv's Halloween wooden blocks would look cool in this area & you could see the frontside on the porch & backside when outside in porch garden! So...here they are...I love 'em!

Closer view...aren't they great!!!

And, here's the whole works! Will look pretty nice when it gets darker:

Thanks for lookin'! Enjoy the season! Jeanne S.

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So cute, the tablecloth is perfect with your fall tree & Luvs blocks look super in the window by the tree & bench!!!

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It all looks wonderful, Jeanne. I love the individual pieces as much as the whole -- and you make that vine tree look gorgeous with every holiday!

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Jeanne..you set up one of my Favorite things that you own, and that's your Vine Tree. All your decorations on it look just lovely and the pieced cloth under it looks like it was made to order.
Great bench your DH made and the basket on it looks so nice there.
I agree, you picked the perfect spot for Luvs Halloween blocks. Great Job on everything .


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"The whole works" works! All the things were just meant to be together. I really like what you did with the tree. And Luvs blocks fit in wonderfully there. (Luvs, I hope you won't be upset with me for saying this, but I think the place you put your black and white blocks did not show them off to their best advantage. They're too cute to hide. See how great they look without a lot of things surrounding them? - OK, now I'm in trouble!)

The barn wood bench is a keeper. Don't sell that puppy. It will give you a nice place to display many items. Is it high enough to use as an end table some place? I sure like it.

I like the way you fanned out the corn husks in the basket too. The "whole works" made me smell pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon - no kidding.

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....what Jane said!! and the others too of course.

I've been in love with your vine tree since I first saw it and have tried to find one each season to no avail. Have had my DD looking when she's out shopping the last few years too. Maybe someday.

I'd have bought that bench in a heartbeat. If I could afford the shipping I'd still try to buy it. LOL. What a wonderful piece to decorate. You are so lucky to have all the barn wood you decorate with, none here and its my favorite wood of all.

I'm sitting here sighing at your pictures and looking at them over and over to torture myself. ;o) Especially Luvs blocks and that wonderful tablecloth.

hugs, Karen

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Love everything about your vignette esp the vine tree - you did a great job - barnwood ROCKS!!!! TFS .....


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Jeanne, I love your tree, did you make it? The table cloth is the perfect addition. Those cute little blocks are perfect in the window. The bench is wonderful, I guess it wasn't supposed to sell so you could use it in your display, haha.

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I totally forgot about your fall tree, it is great. You were sure lucky to find that wonderful tablecloth. You are right about your bench it is way cool. I love the whole setting.

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I love how you decorated your vine tree, bet it looks great at night too with the addition of the orange lights. You are so good about knowing when enough is enough, each decoration on your tree is perfect and it's not overdone, so you can really see the decorations. Darling little bench, I've always loved that style and the old barnwood makes it even more special.

OA, you could never be in trouble with me--I like you too much! LOL I agree, Jeanne found a perfect place to display the little blocks--now let's see what you do with yours??? LOL


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Thanks, "holiday-ers!" My vine tree is alot of fun to decorate but changing the lights out tends to be hard on breakage of the vines...so that's why I opted to just keep rice lights on permanently & added the orange underneath...it does look cool at night. Nope, I didn't make this one...yrs ago at a craft show I saw homemade ones & loved 'em...but too expensive...this one I got in a small town, after holidays sales & have been tickled with it.

LOL about the barn bench...I told DH when he brought it into the house for me to see (before the FMrkt sale), that I love everything he makes & if it didn't sell, I'd be using that honey! LOL! Purplemoon, it wouldn't ship too well...too many $$$! And keep looking for your tree...it may happen yet! Thanks again, everyone! Enjoying all these Fall/Halloween posts! Jeanne S.

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