What would you do??

christmascandyOctober 30, 2011

I found this set of Sakura Haunted Hideaway plates at an ARC TS for $3.99. I obviously didn't NEED them, but at that price.....well, what would you do??

They are a bright orange background and 4 different designs.

So, I changed out the dining room table and used these where the pumpkin Jack plates were on the side settings.

I couldn't help myself.



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I don't think the word "Need" should be in our vocabulary...
if we only bought what we needed, we'd be an awfully dull bunch. LOL.

But I guess you could say we "need to decorate", therefore we "need to buy" stuff. And we "need to take photos" and we "need to keep ourselves happy" sharing them.

Ok, I talked myself into the fact we DO need stuff. LOL.
hugs, Karen

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WANT triumphs NEED in our world it seems so it's justified. That's my story and I stick to it. LOL
LOVE your new find, especially the one with the spooky tree.

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Candy, what would I do? Exactly what YOU did. March my happy lil' butt right up there with them and pay for them. Then smiled all the way home, never lookin' back.teehee

Once again, Lucky You!!!


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What would you do~~~do you mean what 'should' you do?
Four words: SEND THEM TO ME! LOL! Just kiddin'!

Ok, this needs to be a silhoutte t'scape! So it sounds like you found a good place for 'em for this yr...but next yr..think 'silhoutee!' LOL! Great bargain $$$! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Agreeing with everyone else, you had no choice but to get them! Especially at that price. Good thing is, with my memory, when you do a table with them next year they will be brand new to me LOL!

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Marlene Kindred

How could you NOT get them for that steal of a price?? Great score!

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What a silly question! :)They are adorable!

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