Copper sinks and faucets

gabbythecatJune 4, 2013

Has anyone used them in the bathroom? How well are they working out?

We have a log vanity and a copper sink/faucet set coming from JHE Log Furniture for our new log home, are thinking of another set for our second bathroom...but I don't know anything about copper - is it a pain to use and keep clean? I know that after a while it will develop a patina, such as what you see on a used penny - is that all of it? How do you care for it?

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Hi Gladys. My sink in the powder room, Mexican copper...... no problems. Just wipe it out once in a while with bar keepers friend. If I want a little shine I may use the stainless cleaner I use on the fridge. Of course that came with the dark patina. On the other hand, my aged copper faucets that were originally bright, have developed the patina, but in an uneven way. If I don't polish them for quite a while they start to get the verdigris look. It's really a question of how particular you are. Although I like a clean house, I'm not willing to polish the copper often enough to keep the bright look.

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yes having copper sink is really a pain in future, i had Rak Reserva Range 550 at my home, The sink's semi-circle shape is quite unique that grabs your attention for all the right reasons. This basin is manufactured with high ended ceramic and comes with Full Pedestal. I got it from store in manchaster.

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We had a copper kitchen sink in our last home, bought exact sink for our current laundry room (also copper faucet, but sealed), a smaller version for the coffee station (also copper faucet, sealed) and a copper sink in our powder room (paired with flat finish dark faucet). The bathroom sink doesn't require any special treatment and I don't polish it at all. No patina after 7 years, but it's not used all that much.

I used Method's soft scrub cleanser. If you want shiny, you can go over with lemon juice or ketchup after cleaning.

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Thanks for the replies...I think we're going to go with the second copper sink/faucet package. It sounds like a fun, low maintenance way to go...

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