trying to catch up....

PurplemoonOctober 23, 2010

Hi Gang. I'm sorry I've been 'missing in action' the last few days. From all the posts I've read and the

pictures I looked at, I've got a LOT of catching up to do. I love how busy it is this time of year with all

the decorating and ideas!!

The darn Fibro Monster turned into Godzilla and just stomped me into the ground, to the point I've been

mostly non-functioning. If I didn't HAVE to take care of my Dad and the animals, I probably wouldn't have

attempted to crawl out of bed at all. But while my body was forced into working, my head sure wasn't.

The infamous Fibro Fog (which a few of you know all too much about) was one of the worst I've dealt with.

Put me in total Zombie-mode. No reading, writing, or 'rithmatic!

Anyway, lets see if I can catch up now.

O-so-A-mazing, I absolutely could not get over that play house YOU made for the grandkids!! And the spooky decor you did for it is beyond words. Woman,you're unbelievable! (I thought you said awhile back you weren't crafty!!! Its not nice to fib, didn't you learn that one? LOL) You most definitely deserve an award for Grandmother of the Year. (possibly Sports Wife too, with the great bar set-up you decorate. Your DH sure knows how to pick a WINNER!!)

Jane, your Witch 'n Kitty Table is delightful. I see you have a lil wood cat on wheels too. Mine is a bit different, but aren't they adorable on the wheels like the old childhood toys? Your "levitating" witch hat plates are really the scene stealer tho. LOL. The witch vintage type box from AC Moore is a great piece, and what a price you got it for! Lucky you getting a Witch Nutcracker to display. (the one I wanted so badly from Target this year got sold out too fast and not available again. dang!)

Punk, your witch shirt on Jane's post is pretty cool, of course I might be prejudiced since it has a PURPLE

witch on it. LOL. I'm glad YOU think Jazz has a cute face, I think he looks pretty devious most of the time.

You can just see the wheels turning in his mind. OA better be his lawyer, he's going to need one! NanaK

wondered what he'd be up to next. Well its not letting me have any time alone in the bathroom. He has learned to open the door!! I really don't like stepping out of the shower to a door wide open at all. And now he's discovered how to turn the handle to open it.....well I can't keep him out unless I LOCK him out. I'm not sure that is an option tho. You wouldn't believe the noise he makes trying to make the door open when its locked. Sounds like a cop out there with a battering ram. Hard to take a nice relaxing shower, AND my Dad's bedroom is right beside the bathroom so he gets to listen to this. Plus it makes his little Yorkie bark his head off thinking someone is "breaking in". Jeeez. Looks like my only choice is for Jazz to always be in there with me. (tho I'm sure he'll someday decide he wants OUT and learn the door works both ways!!)

I can't win.

Dream, your Autumn and Halloween decor is wonderful! Like the others, I love the orange boots especially.

I had to laugh at you saying you just began decorating for Halloween cause of the Enablers R Us here,

and you're just "going with the flow". Boy did you nail that one! LOL.

As for your Halloween table with the black, silver, and crystal.......Jeanne used my words again...

"Drop dead GORGEOUS! Elegant! Sophisticated! Stylish! "

I'm just blown away by what you did. All these years, there's NO way I would have associated the word ELEGANT with Halloween! You proved they make a great pair tho! (I learn so much here). I honestly think that this year I've gotten a whole new appreciation for a Holiday that I never really cared for before. I've really enjoyed my bit of decorating for Halloween, and know that in the future I'll want to do more. Loving the witch stuff, seeing how well purple and silver work with Halloween things now, and all the many little tips and ideas I've saved for future I'll actually look forward to it next year with a LOT more enthusiasm!

Thanks, Everyone. (except for the more-shopping--more-storage-space-needed part!)

Well, this is so long that I better go post on some of the most recent posts and give you guys a break from reading.

hugs, Karen

"All I need is a nice day, a loss of 40 lbs, a cute haircut, and I'll feel a whole lot more perky."

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Welcome back, Purplemoon! Happy to hear the Fibro Fog has passed! LOL at your sign off above:

"All I need is a nice day, a loss of 40 lbs, a cute haircut, and I'll feel a whole lot more perky."
Yup, me too, girl! Jeanne S.

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Karen, I'm glad you're back, I had a feeling something was wrong when you weren't posting. My daughter had some serious health problems a few years ago and as a result ended up with cronic fatigue syndrome. [I know it's not the same fibro] but out of desperation when NOTHING else helped she went for accupuncture and she is much much better now. Anyway I'm very sorry that you have been feeling so bad. I really hope you are feeling better. It must be a thing with cats My Alvin can't stand it when the bathroom door is closed He paws at the door, hasn't figured out how to open it though. I hear you about a nice day and a loss of 40lbs, just got a hair cut though. so I'm a little perkier.
Here is a big hug XX. You will be in my prayers.

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NanaK, most Fibro sufferers also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome along with it. So I sure understand what your DD must've gone thru. Its really debillitating! I'm so glad she is better. I hate when either CFS or Fibro strikes the young. (I know of a 21 yr old who's been almost bedridden for THREE years due to having both conditions.
Isn't that heartbreaking?)

Here's hoping Alvin doesn't learn to open doors, LOL. What is it with dogs and cats? And little kids for that matter! Do they think we have a secret escape door in the bathroom? Apparently that is just what they think!

hugs, Karen

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I wanted to share a Halloween "Witch Horse" I found on eBay. The girl makes these out of wood and does a cute job of painting them for the holidays. Since I'm horse crazy (all my life) but have no real ones now, I find it hard to resist some collectible ones.
Besides the Witch Horse wall hanging, I bought two Christmas ornament horses. The pinto for me and the palomino for my best friend.

hugs, Karen

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Karen...I'm glad you're doing better.
I read about all your Fibro woes..and I really feel for you. Seems like living w/o pain is a Luxury - besides all the 'other good stuff' that comes with it too.
Try to take each day slowly - enjoy the good ones, and in between!

I love those horses you found on Ebay...The Christmas ones are cute...but I especially love that Halloween one.
What talented people to come up with all these creative ideas. TFS


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Karen, glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. I can surely relate to all you have been dealing with. We had the last of our 3 family weddings yesterday, this time my son's. It was a beautiful day and the wedding was just beautiful. It was an outside wedding and reception and it couldn't have been lovelier. She used fall flowers and deco's and her dress was ivory, and after the service, they had a lovely barbecue dinner with great food. I really enjoyed it= the fact that it waas the last of 3 in 3 months time, (also a grand daughter and a grandson) When I finally got home last night, the fibro really hit me. I was so tired and achey that I went to bed at 8:oo. My Dh woke me up this morn and asked if I was going to church, but when I looked at the clock it was 10:10, so I said "I guess not today" I"ve just been dragging all day long, and am so achey I can hardly move without moaning and groaning. I don't think the weather forcast is helping any either , we are supposed to start getting rain tonight that will last through Thursday. I thought if I could just get through these weddings, I would feel better, but I guess the Fibro devil had other plans. I am glad that you are feeling better though. Maybe what is really wrong with me is that I haven't had my "retial therapy" for a couple of weeks. Maybe I just need a few hours out of the house by myself. Take care, Janet

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I'm sorry you've been having such a tough time of it :(.
Please take it as easy as possible and force yourself to PAUSE when your body tells you to.
In trying to catch up the other day, I know you've been sooo busy in the decorating dept that it probably caught up to you.

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Hugs to you Ms. Karen....take good care of yourself.....for us!

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