I Used the Chicken Nuggets Button

saw50st8June 5, 2012

When I started researching my appliances, I remember reading about the "dreaded" chicken nuggets button. We don't serve them often so it seemed like a waste to me, but I wasn't bothered by its presence.

We purchased the Frigidaire Gallery FGET3065K.

I defrosted chicken breast to cook, but when I was ready to actually make it, it was slightly frozen. So I egged and breaded my cutlets, put them in the pan and then stood at the oven debating what to do. I decided to try the chicken nuggets button since it was equipped to handle frozen to hot foods.

I went to give my kids a bath. Things took longer than I thought they would. By the time we came down to eat, the chicken had finished and the keep warm setting turned on.

The chicken was moist and delicious on the inside, crispy goodness on the outside.


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LOL!! Thanks for making my morning! This is sooo much more fun than figuring out what to do about refrigerators, which is the real reason I'm on this forum...

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Thanks for your posting. It now gives me the courage to try the infamous chicken nugget setting!

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Convection roast and bake have something to do with the broiler element cycling on and off for differing parts of their respective cooking times in addition to other elements. Don't remember if other parameters get to play a part. Some stoves have a visual on the control panel to highlight the action.

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saw50st8: Wow, that's great.

GW admins: please delete user "saw50st8" immediately.

Just kidding :)

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LOL, thanks for the laugh! It's sort of like that "Perfect Turkey" button on my oven. I was almost embarrassed to push it, but it actually does work pretty good. You never know.


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