Urn Willow Lights Arrangement + Glass Vignette (pic heavy)

jeannespinesOctober 24, 2010

I had fun this afternoon getting some new arrangements done for Fall using the yellow pottery urn I posted last week & some GW & TS glassware (here's pic from Oct 20th):

Here's a countertop vignette I put tog today.

I tried various runners, placemats & doilies & such underneath ...was wishing I had a glass tray ...& then, A-Hah!...I remembered luckygal using a silver tray...well, I didn't have one...so I took this old mirror off my computer room door...and ...walla:

Here's a "no flash" pic & also the very lovely fall pumpkin swag I found 40% discounted last wk on shopping trip with friends...it will be used on my buffet with Tksgiving decor after Halloween:

I filled the glassware with "goodies" for GK's coming home next weekend...hope the candy doesn't disappear before then! LOL! Cookies will go in the pumpkin jar later.

Then I went outside (nice day with a little rain) & cut branches of Red Dogwood ...decided that was what I was going to use with the Willow branch lights in the TS urn from last week. I also cut (sparingly) from my fav bunch of grasses in the pool garden. I love this grass...as it dries & ages, it gets fuller...here's a pic of it in my outdoor arrangement on the house that I took today:

and here's some of that grass in the wall basket above buffet...grass gets fuller/fluffier as it dries/ages:

And here's the arrangement in the yellow pottery pc: (with flash)...you can barely see the grass, but it will look even better later!

My fern stand that's usually there was too tall for the urn...so I moved the luggage-looking table from the LR into this corner by the buffet. It worked out good as I have a small house & must move something when Christmas tree time comes...I like how it looks:

Here's a close-up of a little brass mouse that I added ...Enablers R Us ... that's where this idea came from...I think someone posted a blog with a black hand & a critter! LOL!

Did a little changing on the buffet but like to keep "apple" decor up til Tksgvg ...did add a green pumpkin gourd in a lantern type container (very popular this season, as you know)...this one is brass/glass:

And here's what the buffet area looks like with the urn:

Thanks to you "Enablers R Us," I had alot of fun using diff ideas from here! Jeanne S.

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Love that yellow urn arrangement on the luggage table. Just perfect. Can't you just spend hours playing and taking pictures?

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Jeanne...You Did It Girl!
You put together a beautiful arrangement. It looks nice in the corner, and gives your room a nice 'Warm Glow'.
What type of lights did you use?
They seem very delicate on the branches and I don't see wires all over either. Cute touch with the brass mouse!
Have you ever used 'Hairspray' on your grass when you bring it in, to keep it from 'shedding'? I've done that and it seems to keep them longer. Your basket arrangement came out pretty too. Nice selection of grasses and leaves along with your 'little critter' friends.
I like how you arranged your 'Glass display on the mirror'..Smart thinking..makes them 'sparkle' even more.
Hmmm, 'Cookies' in the Pumpkin Jar..with the kids here all the time, I'd be filling it every hr! lol
Your buffet is looking good with the changes.. Seems to be the 'Year Of The Lanterns' - and yours looks nice up there.
Great job on everything Jeanne...I enjoyed what you've done.


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Gosh Jeanne, I love it ALL. And that grass is really neat, what kind is it?
Your little framed mirror is PERFECT as a tray. I bet it gets used a lot more in the future. LOL. Its lovely!

hugs, Karen

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Jeannie, Your yellow urn with the red dogwood twigs and the grasses is stunning. I love the way you used the little lights on them. What are the grasses? I am wondering if it might be something that would grow here in zone 6. The pumpkin cookie jar and he crystal candy dishes are neat too; I could not keep them full for DH; he has a mighty big sweet tooth. I like the vignette on the counter too; although I can't bring myself to think "snowmen" just yet. Using that mirror as a tray is a neat idea, I guess we are learning to "think outside the box" since we found this forum. I love trying to find things that can be used for something other that what it was intended for. I really admire everything that you have done, Janet

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Thanks, Ladies ... I've planted many grasses & I can't get to the tag in the ground...the grass has grown too much around it...so I looked in an album I keep with tags from the plants...this one planted in 2005 & it's stayed in one clump...clump has gotten larger but managable. I think it is "Maiden Grass" ... Miscanthus sinensis 'Silberfeder' (Silver Feather). I put a link below to show a pic...

Janet...it's zone 5 to 10. & LOL...the snowman plates were 75 cts. ea from GW last wk...I posted this same pic earlier to show my finds!

Here's what the grasses in that basket outside arrangement looked like when I posted it in Sept...grasses still look quite good & even better, I think:

jane...I've never tried "hair spray" except on Cattails...my g'ma used to do that to make them last longer in the house...but I always thought it was funny when they burst! (even if they burst gently!)

jane...I'd love to take credit for "hiding the wires" but not the case...these are the Willow Branch lights that I coveted last yr. & waited for sale prices ...then they were gone! (everywhere gone!) So this yr I bought them at Gordman's (which is kind of a l/2 price store) & then had a 15% off coupon...so a real nice set for $20. If you Google "Primitives by Kathy Nature's Glow Willow Twigs, you see them...this set can be used indoors/outdoors...3 stems, 96 lights. There are others out there now, too, & some cheaper ones.

ladypat & purplemoon...thanks! I do love playing! And all the "Enablers R Us" make it such fun! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maiden Grass

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I think the other's have said everything I wanted to say. It all looks great. I love the addition of the grasses--just that extra touch that adds so much. Of course I took an extra long look at your little squirrels and acorn with the basket arrangement. I have some potpourri in my pumpkin jar--cookies sure sound better. It wouldn't stay full though, DH and I would both be getting into them! LOL


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What great arrangements. I love grasses in arrangements, but mine usually look like they've been shoved in rather than arranged. Your lighted twigs are great. I have some that I keep up year round. Yours look much more substantial AND you have many more lights. The twigs on mine break if you look at them. That doesn't allow much in the way of tweaking. I went to the site you suggested and they are out until the first of the year, but I am going to bookmark the place and return for "my set."

I know to use mirrors under things, but I NEVER remember to do it. It really adds a zing to things. Thanks for jogging my memory.

Everything looks great.

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Jeanne... everything looks wonderful. The grasses in your yellow urn are perfect, gosh you are so creative.

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Your grasses are lovely and just what the urn called for. I passed on the lighted willow branches at a flower show and was sorry, because I haven't seen them for a reasonable price since then. The display with the squirrels is one of my favorites.

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Everything is beautiful, as usual! And I too was amazed at how well you hid the wires on those twigs. lol! I'll have to keep my eye out for some of those.

I can't believe that silver tray is actually a mirror. It looks terrific! I wouldn't have thought to use a mirror like that.

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This is some nice decorating you have here, Jeanne. Love the lights in your urn on the luggage chest. The wall basket grasses turned out so wonderful too. It paid off to keep redoing till it pleased you and all of us. Great decorations.


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Thanks Luvs,
OA, nana, frou,
party & punk...

Here's a pic I took last night...the grasses have become "fluffier & fuller" already! Am enjoying the view from my LR chair, too. Jeanne S.

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Beautiful, Jeanne! I love your yellow urn and the lights really add so much to the atmosphere, don't they?
Using that mirror was a great idea. Makes me want to buy a few just to keep around for tablescapes.
"Enablers R Us" . . . too funny and so true!

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